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Checklist for expectant adoptive parents

Here you will find a simple checklist of what you might want to consider when adopting.

1. Send in a copy of the of the approval decision

Before you leave to pick up the child, you must send in a copy of the approval decision from the Social Welfare Board. You only need to send in the decision with the parent's or parents’ name, personal identity number, and date that the Social Welfare Board granted approval.

Send it to:

Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
839 88 Östersund.

2. Inform us of your income information

If you are going to apply for parental allowance or 10 days, we need to know what your income is in order to calculate how much money you will receive.

If you are an employee, ask your employer to log in to forsakringskassan.se and provide your income information with code 5033 in the e-service "Leave a response to the income request".

If you are a student or job seeker, please call the Customer Centre at 0771‑524 524 to find out what information we need from you.

If you are a business owner, please call the Customer Centre at 0771‑17 90 00 to find out what information we need from you. Say in the voice mail that you are a business owner and you will be taken to the correct place.

3. Register the 10 days

The 10 days are the days that you as a parent can take out at the time of the adoption if the child is younger than 10. If you are two parents you receive five days each, If you are a single parent you receive all of the days. The days can be used once you have received the child into your custody, either during the trip or afterwards when you have come home.

10 days

4. Plan your parental leave

You plan your parental leave on My pages. There you can also see how much money you get.

If you cannot log in to My pages (Mina sidor), you can use our calculation tool Calculate parental benefit (in Swedish). There you can see how long you can be on leave and how much money you can get every month.

5. Register parental benefit

You can register whenever you want, but not later than the same day for which you want compensation. To register here on the website, the child must have a personal identity number. If the child does not have a personal identity number, you can call the customer centre at 0771‑524 524.

6. Apply for parental benefit

You apply on My pages (Mina sidor).

If you cannot log in to My Pages, please call the Customer Centre at 0771‑524 524 and order a paper form to apply for parental benefit.

7. Child allowance

You can receive child allowance starting from the month after you received the child into your custody. Call the Customer Centre at 0771‑524 524 and we will help you.


Adoption allowance

Adoption allowance is money you can receive to cover some of the expenses that arise when you adopt a child from a different country. Once your adoption has been officially recognised in Sweden, you can apply for adoption allowance. You must apply within one year from the date when the adoption became officially recognised.

Adoption allowance

Maintenance support

Maintenance support is money that can apply for if you adopted a child from another country as a single parent. It is intended to financially compensate for the child support the child would have otherwise received from another parent.

Maintenance support

Notify your employer

Once you have decided to take parental leave, you must report it to your employer no later than two months before your leave. If there are collective agreements at your workplace, other times may apply, so check out what applies at your job.

Learn about sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)

SGI is an amount that Försäkringskassan calculates based on how much you earn per year. The amount is used to determine how much you can receive in parental benefit. In the SGI guide you can read about SGI and how it affects how much money you receive in compensation.

Ask administrators questions

On Facebook, our administrators answer your questions about parental leave and other matters that concern you as an expectant parent.

https://www.facebook.com/foralder External link, opens in new window.

Share equally

Sharing the days equally also helps give both parents a firmer footing in the job market, a higher salary and pension.

Housing allowance

If you have children and a low income, you may be entitled to housing allowance. By using Calculate housing allowance, you can quickly see how much you can get based on what you earn and how many children you have.

Do not forget your pension

When you become a parent and take parental leave or perhaps work part-time hours while your children are young, your pension may be affected.

The Swedish Pensions Agency (pensionsmyndigheten.se) External link, opens in new window.

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