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E-services and information about parental benefit, care of sick child (vab), 10-days, pregnancy benefit and other benefits for those who are going to become parents.


E-services and information on sickness benefit, occupational injury compensation and benefit for care of closely related persons.

Job Seeker

E-services and information on activity grant, development allowance and introduction benefit for participants in a Public Employment Service programme.


E-services and information on assistance compensation, child carer’s allowance, additional cost allowance, sickness compensation, activity compensation and car allowance.

Travel, work, study or receive care abroad

For employers

Employer's responsibilities regarding sick employee, parental benefits, disabilities et cetera.

Health care in Sweden for visitors

About Försäkringskassan and the Swedish social insurance

If you work or live in Sweden, you might already be covered by the Swedish social insurance system. Försäkringskassan will investigate if you are eligible to receive work-based or residency-based benefits after you have applied for a benefit. To be approved to receive financial support, you must also fulfill the criteria for the particular benefit you seek.