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Benefit for care of closely related persons for job seekers

Benefit for care of closely related persons is money that you receive for caring for a close relative who is seriously ill. Seriously ill refers to a life-threatening condition.

Am I eligible for benefit for care of closely related persons?

You are eligible for this benefit if:

  • The close relative has an illness that is a distinct threat to his/her life.
  • You care for the close relative at the hospital or in the home. Care means that you are with the person to provide support.
  • The close relative consents to the care.
  • The care is provided in Sweden or in another EU/EEA country. You cannot receive benefit for care of closely related persons if you are caring for someone in a country outside of the EU/EEA.
  • You are registered with the Public Employment Service and are entitled to sickness benefit qualifying income.
  • You and the person you are caring for are insured in Sweden.

How do you define seriously ill?

A person is considered seriously ill if there is a distinct threat to the person’s life. This means that there is a risk that the person will not survive the illness. A person with an illness that may be life threatening in the long term is not considered seriously ill. The risk must instead be related to the near future.

Who is a closely-related person?

Closely-related person refers to a relative or any other person who has a close relationship with the sick person. For example, it could be a friend or a neighbour. 

What is meant by care?

Care, in this context, means being close at hand and providing the sick person support. In other words, it is not about helping the staff with the practical work.

How do I apply for benefit for care of closely related persons?

1. Ask for consent from the person who is sick.

The person who is sick must consent to the care by filling in this form. If the person cannot provide consent, it is important that the doctor writes this in the doctor’s statement.

7468 Consent for benefit for care of closely related persons (in Swedish) Pdf, 703 kB.

2. Ask for a doctor's statement

Ask the doctor of the person who is sick to write a doctor’s statement for you.

3. Apply

Apply on My pages (Mina sidor). Apply within no more than 3 months from the first date you are requesting compensation for.

4. Attach digital copies

Once you have signed your application, attach digital copies of the doctor’s statement and consent form. You can take a clear photo of the documents and then attach the pictures on My pages (Mina sidor). It is also possible to attach scanned copies.

If you cannot make digital copies, send your documents to:

Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
839 88 Östersund

5. Disbursement

Normally it takes 30 days for us to process your application. It could take longer if we require more information. The disbursement is not paid on a fixed date. It is instead paid once we have completed the processing work.

Special disbursement dates

Special disbursement dates and processing times

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