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Disease carrier’s benefit and travel allowance for employees

If you are unable to work because you are – or may be – infected with a disease that is considered a public health hazard, you may receive disease carrier's benefit. You may also be entitled to reimbursement for travel that is required in connection with medical examinations and the such.

Am I eligible for disease carrier’s benefit?

You may be eligible for disease carrier’s benefit if you have any of the following reasons:

  • A doctor has decided that you are not allowed to look for work because you are – or may be – infected with a disease that is considered a public health hazard.
  • You need to visit a doctor to determine whether you have an infectious disease.
  • You have an illness, infection, wound or other injury that means you are not allowed to handle food.

You must have a medical certificate showing that you are not allowed to look for work due to the risk of infection.

New recommendations for those living with a Covid-19 infected person

The Public Health Agency's new recommendations mean that people living with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 should be considered as possible cases of illness, and are as a rule subject to rules of conduct. For example, the rules might be that you are not allowed go to work. If you are not allowed to go to work and do not have the opportunity to work from home, you can apply for a disease carrier’s benefit from Försäkringskassan. Keep in mind that a medical certificate is required to prove that you are not allowed to be at work.

What applies in the regions?

Read more on 1177.se to see what applies in the region where you live.

1177 Vårdguiden (1177.se) External link, opens in new window.

If the disease prevents you from working

Disease carrier’s benefit is paid to individuals who are able to work, but are not allowed to do so due to a risk of infecting others. If you are unable to work, you may be entitled to sick pay from your employer or sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan.

Can I receive travel allowance because I am a disease carrier?

If you have or are likely to have been infected with a disease considered a public health hazard, you can be reimbursed for trips connected to medical examinations, checks or treatments.

When you apply, you need to submit:

  • receipts for your travel expenses
  • receipts showing that the trips were related to a disease considered a public health hazard under the Communicable Diseases Act.

How do I apply?

Many people are applying for the disease carrier’s benefit pay at the moment. In order to speed up the processing of your application, it is good if you apply for the entire period once you have returned to work.

1. Apply on My pages (Mina sidor)

{"url":"/privatperson/logga-in-pa-mina-sidor#?goto=%2Fprivatperson%2Fmina-sidor%2Falla-e-tjanster%2Fansok-om-smittbararpenning","login":true,"text":"Apply for disease carrier benefit (in Swedish)"}
{"url":"/privatperson/logga-in-pa-mina-sidor#?goto=%2Fprivatperson%2Fmina-sidor%2Falla-e-tjanster%2Fansok-om-ersattning-for-resekostnader-for-smittbarare","login":true,"text":"Apply for compensation for travel expenses for a disease carrier (in Swedish)"}

2. Send in a medical certificate or receipts

Along with your application, you must submit a certificate indicating that you are not allowed to work or search for a job because you have or are suspected of having an infectious disease. The certificate will be provided by your doctor. Send it to:

Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
839 88 Östersund.

Temporary suspension of the requirement for a doctor´s certificate for disease carrier allowance

The government has decided to temporarily remove the requirement for a doctor´s certificate when applying for a disease carrier allowance. This applies for applications from 27 December 2021 to 31 March 2022.

3. Disbursement

Processing normally takes 30 days from the date when your application is received. It may take more time if we need to request more information. Disbursement is not paid out on a fixed date but will be paid once we have completed the processing work.

Special disbursement dates

Special disbursement dates and processing times

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