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Child support when the child lives with you

Child support is money that the parent with whom the child does not live with, pays to the parent that does live the child. Child support is intended to be used for the child's housing, food and leisure interests.

How much must the other parent pay?

You must work together to decide on an amount for child support.

How do we arrive at a amount for child support?

Use the “Calculate child support” tool to calculate a child support.

In the tool, you enter the child's costs and your own income and expenses. You then save the information and send the link to the calculation to the other parent so they can enter their income and expenses. Once you have both filled in your information, the tool will suggest an amount for child support. You can then use an agreement template to make a valid child support agreement.

You can use the tool on your own, but bear in mind that you need to know what income and expenses the other parent has to be able to calculate the right amount.

You cannot use the tool if you have several children and they do not live together with one of you. Instead, you can book a personal online meeting further down on this page for help when discussing questions about how to calculate child support.

You cannot use the tool if the child or children live approximately the same amount of time with each parent (alternate residence).

Be prepared

Before you begin the calculation, it is a good idea to have

  • information on your income such as payslips. If your income varies each month, you will find much of the information you need for the calculation in your latest tax return.
  • documents related to the child's costs, such as an invoice for childcare fees or fees for activities such as riding, hockey, football camp or the like.

Do you need help?

You can book a personal online meeting with an administrator for help when discussing questions about how to calculate child support.

If you want to draw up an agreement

You either reach an oral agreement or a written agreement on child support. If you want to have a written agreement between the two of you, you can use the agreement template. The agreement is an arrangement between the two parents and does not need to be submitted to Försäkringskassan.

5251 Agreement on child support for a child (in Swedish) Pdf, 690 kB.

5252 Agreement on child support for a child aged 18 or older (in Swedish) Pdf, 704 kB.


The child support must follow price developments in society.

Other rules apply to child support established abroad or in a foreign currency. Call us on 010‑115 10 10 to find out what applies if you are in that situation.

When should child support be paid?

Child support must be paid in advance every month. So, the support for December must be paid no later than 30 November.

Child support must be paid from the time you stopped living together.

What do we do if we cannot reach an agreement?

If you have a hard time agreeing on how to resolve issues related to access (visitation), custody, living arrangements and child support, you can turn to your municipality to get help through a cooperation discussion.

The cooperation discussion is an opportunity for you to find common solutions for the child's best interest without having to go to court. The cooperation discussion is free of charge.

If you have had cooperation discussions and received help from Försäkringskassan regarding calculation of child support, but you still cannot agree on issues relating to the child, you can take the matter to the district court. Contact a legal representative to find out what you should do.

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