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Care of sick child (vab) – Checklist

There are a lot of things to keep track of when you are caring for a sick child. Here are a few things to keep in mind – before and after you send us an application.

  • Are the pre-populated fields in the online application system (Mina sidor) correct and up-to-date? For example, details of your salary, employer, the preschool or school your child attends. The telephone number of the school is important as it is used to verify days of absence.
  • Have you entered the right time, date and child name? This is especially important if you work part-time or if you are on sick leave, and if you have several children.
  • Have you coordinated your application with others? If a child has more than one carer or guardian, make sure that you have not sent in an application for the exact same days or hours. Check out our calendar (vab-kalender) for easier planning!

Additional reminders:

  • If your child falls ill while you are on leave in Sweden or the EU, you can change your vacation pay to “care of sick child” (vab). Contact your employer to do alter your vacation days.
  • Benefits are usually based on your annual income, have details of your salary ready before you fill in an application.

Sickness benefit qualifying income

  • Contact us if you discover any errors, as it is not possible to alter an application that has already been signed and submitted.
  • If you are ill and have reported your sickness to your employer, you cannot receive compensation for care of a sick child (vab).

Good luck with your application!

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You are required by law to certify that the information attached to an application is correct. As well as update them because it often affects the previous ruling and calculations.

Print out forms are available if you are not able to access our digital services. Apply for social benefits online by logging on to our e-service (Mina sidor) or our app (Försäkringskassans app) with a Swedish electronic identification.

Our e-services are unfortunately only available in Swedish. But you can always get assistance by booking a meeting, in person or online, or by calling our Call Centre. We are also available on social media and at local offices (service centre) throughout Sweden.

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