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Allowance for assistive devices

In order for an employee with a disability or illness to be able to work, assistive devices or adaptation of the workplace may be needed. You as an employer can apply for an allowance for assistive devices from Försäkringskassan.

When can I receive an allowance as an employer?

You can receive an allowance for assistive devices when:

  • an employee needs help to return to work after a long period of sick leave.
  • an employee with a permanent disability needs help to manage his/her work.

You can use the allowance to:

  • buy or rent an assistive device.
  • conduct an expert assessment to find out what assistive device the employee needs.
  • repair an assistive device.

You as employer are responsible for a good working environment. You cannot therefore apply for an allowance for assistive devices or any adaptation that is normally needed in the business.

Furthermore, you cannot receive an allowance for items such as height-adjustable desks or similar ergonomic devices.

Försäkringskassan may grant allowances up and including the month preceding the month in which the employee reaches the age of 68. The employee must have been working for you for more than 12 months.

How do I apply for the allowance?

Start by sending these documents to:

Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
839 88 Östersund

  • Application form 7547.
  • A doctor’s statement indicating what type of disability or illness the employee has.
  • A quote from the supplier indicating the types of assistive devices the employee needs and how much they cost.
  • If the occupational health service has conducted a workplace investigation, please feel free to enclose the results of it. Write the employee’s name and personal ID number on all documents you submit.

7547 Application for allowance for assistive devices – for employers Pdf, 771 kB.

Bear in mind that you cannot buy an assistive device or start to adapt the workplace before you have submitted the application to us.

What happens next?

About 14 days after you submitted the application, we will call you to discuss the employee’s work tasks and his/her need of assistive devices. We will also let you know approximately how long it will take before you receive your decision.

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