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Terminating employees

Here you can read about what applies when you as an employer terminate an employee.

What can you do as an employer?

If you are terminating an employee, you can advise them that they should register as a jobseeker at Arbetsförmedlingen. If the employee has not done so within three months of the termination of employment, he/she risks not receiving any compensation in case of, for example, illness or parental leave.


If an employee is terminated when he/she is on leave for any reason other than vacation (e.g. sick leave or parental leave), the three months begin from the first day of absence – not from the day when the employment ended.

Provide income information for a terminated employee

Försäkringskassan may ask you to provide income information for a terminated employee. In this case, you do not need to notify us of the employee's possible severance pay, as it does not count as income from own work and therefore is not a basis for sickness benefit.

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