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Social Insurance in Figures

On the webpage you can find publications with deeper analysis on most benefits Insurance Agency administers. You can also find the financial forecast for most benefits and allowances.

There is a distinction in Sweden between official statistics and other public statistics. Official statistics are statistics that are produced according to the statistical act and ordinance and published as required by official regulations.

We also publish Social insurance in figures, an annual publication which uses statistics and comments to present a number of benefits that Social Insurance Agency administrates.

Social Insurance in Figures 2019 Corrected table sickness benefit year 2018 in social insurance in figures 2019

The purpose of the Swedish social insurance system, which covers anyone who lives or works in Sweden, is to provide financial security at the various stages of life. The components of social insurance administered by Försäkringskassan primarily include benefits and allowances for families with children, people who are ill and people with disabilities. You can find more information in About social insurance.

About social insurance

On this webpage you can find statistics on the outcome of the benefits and allowances the Swedish social insurance pays out. 

All our official statistics is translated into English. We recommend that you use our glossary to find the information you are looking for.


For questions regarding statistics please contact us.