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English (engelska)

Nearly all information on forsakringskassan.se is available in English. We also offer several e-services in English.

Information about the Coronavirus

Due to the ongoing coronavirus/covid-19, you can ask questions regarding disease carrier allowance, travel allowance, sickness benefit and compensation while caring for a sick child (vab) at Försäkringskassans customer’s forum for general questions. There you can also read previous questions and Försäkringskassans answers.

Customer's forum for general questions

You can also search for information at:

The coronavirus/covid-19 – applicable regulations

Information in English

To reach the English version, go to “Meny” at the top right hand corner and select “In English”. Customer's forum for general questions

There are two ways of accessing information in English. From the right hand side menu, and from the bottom of every page. When you click on In English, the page you are currently on will show in English instead. As you continue to navigate the website, the information will be in English.

förstoring engelska

We aim to have all information available in English. But there might be pages that have not yet been translated. In that case, the information will be in Swedish even after you have clicked on In English.

E-service in English

Ask us questions on the customer forum

Ask us about compensations and e-services or read other people’s questions and the reply’s from our customer service agents.

Customer's forum for general questions


Check what compensation you might be entitled to in our e-service Kassakollen.


Customer Service center

If you want information and service in English, call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524. Our agents speak English.