Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


Reporting sick and sickness benefit

Right to sickness benefit

The conditions for having the right to sickness benefit are that you 

  • are insured in Sweden – insurance affiliation (FTH)
  • have a sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)
  • have an impaired work capacity due to illness.

This means that your patient's application for sickness benefit can be rejected even if their work capacity is impaired due to illness.

In order to be insured for sickness benefit in Swede, you have to have an income from an employer who operates in this country. This means, for example, that those who live in Denmark and work in Sweden can receive sickness benefit when their work capacity is impaired.

A quarter, a half, three quarters or full sickness benefit can be paid, depending on how much the patient is able to work.

Doctor's certificate – one of many documents

There has to be a doctor's certificate from the eighth day of a period of illness. The doctor's certificate has to clearly describe how the patient's illness affects their ability to work.

A doctor's certificate does not automatically entitle the patient to compensation, rather it is one of many documents Försäkringskassan uses as the basis for deciding whether sickness benefit will be paid.

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Insured When You Live or Work in Sweden – information for individuals (PDF 110 kB, opens in a new window)

Sickness benefit qualifying income – employees – information for individuals

Information in the doctor's certificate – the DDA chain

Sickness certification and the issuance of doctor's certificates is part of the patient's care and treatment. Consequently, it is important that the information provided by the doctor in the doctor's certificate is accurate and relevant.

The basis of Försäkringskassan's assessment of work capacity is known as the DDA chain:

  • Diagnosis (field 2 in the doctor's certificate) – the disease the patient has
  • Disability (field 4 in the doctor's certificate) – which function is impaired by the disease.
  • Activity limitation (field 5 in the doctor's certificate) – the consequences of the diagnosis and disability.

Decision-making support from the National Board of Health and Welfare

The National Board of Health and Welfare's insurance medicine decision-making support is divided into two parts. 

  • One part is general in nature and can be said to form the basis of good practise in all aspects of sickness certification.
  • The second contains specific recommendations applicable for sickness certification in the case of multiple diagnoses.




can be paid for a maximum of 550 days and

Additional days of sickness benefit at the continuation level – may, in some cases, be granted after 550 days and corresponds to around 75 per cent of the sickness benefit qualifying income. Previously called extended sickness benefit in some cases.

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