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Child support and extended child support

This information applies to individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 whose parents are separated. You may be entitled to child support or extended maintenance support if you attend compulsory school or upper secondary school and live with only one of your parents.

What is child support?

The parent you do not live with is required to pay child support to you. The child support is intended to be used for your housing, food and leisure interests.

Until you turn 18, the child support is paid to the parent you live with. Once you turn 18, it must be paid directly to you.

Can I receive child support?

To be eligible for child support after you have turned 18, you must be a full-time student at compulsory school or upper secondary school or the equivalent. You must also be living with one of your parents.

You are only entitled to child support up to and including the date you turn 21.

What do I need to do to receive child support?

Talk to the parent you do not live with. You should reach an agreement together about child support. To be able to calculate a fair amount, you should consider your costs and the income and expenses of both your parents.

Use the “Calculate child support” (Beräkna underhållsbidrag) tool. The tool will propose an amount for child support and provide an agreement template.

Beräkna underhållsbidrag

Do you need help?

You can book a personal web meeting with an administrator for help calculating child support.

Boka tid för webbmöte


What is extended maintenance support?

If the parent who is supposed to pay child support does not pay or pays too little, you can apply for extended maintenance support. Försäkringskassan will then pay you SEK 1,723 per month and the parent will instead reimburse us for all or part of that amount.

Am I eligible for extended maintenance support?

To be eligible for extended maintenance support, you must

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be studying full time at an upper-secondary school, compulsory school or equivalent
  • receive extended child allowance or be in a study programme that entitles you to financial aid
  • live and be registered with one of the parents or somebody else who was your guardian when you turned 18
  • not be or have been married.

You can receive extended maintenance support up to June of the year that you turn 20.

The maintenance support may be lower if you are earning over SEK 60,000. It is your income according to the latest final tax statement that determines whether the support is reduced, not the money you earned this year.

You can only receive maintenance support if you are a full-time student. If you have an excessive amount of absence, this may affect your maintenance support.

How do I apply for maintenance support?

You apply yourself on My pages (Mina sidor).



Frequently Asked Questions

Child support

If you live about an equal amount with both parents, nobody needs to pay child support for you. But, if one parent has a much higher income than the other, it may be reasonable for that parent to pay child support to you anyway. If you need help calculating child support in your situation, you can book a web meeting with an administrator.

Boka tid för webbmöte

Maintenance support

If your parents have a low income, you can receive extended maintenance support upon alternating living arrangements. The maintenance support is paid out by Försäkringskassan.

Maintenance support upon alternating living arrangements

If you have technical issues

If your e-identification does not work or if you have other technical issues, you can get help on our technical support pages. There, you can get assistance from an administrator directly in a web meeting. You are then connected with the administrator, who can see your screen and help you. Web meetings are available during the Customer Centre’s opening hours.

Technical support

If you have a protected identity

If you have a protected identity, you cannot use all of the e-services found on My pages (Mina sidor). You can instead apply using a paper form.

If you must apply using a paper form

All forms that can be downloaded from the website can be found under Forms and certificates.

Forms and certificates