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Annuity – compensation for lost work income due to personal injury

If you lose income due to a personal injury, you can receive compensation from Försäkringskassan. This is called annuity. To receive annuity, a doctor must determine that your personal injury will affect your ability to work for at least one year going forward.

Can I receive annuity?

You may be entitled to annuity if

  • you were injured while performing your military service according to the Total Defence Service Duty Act, you appear for enrolment or another form of drafting under this Act, you undergo military training as part of the Armed Forces as a recruit, or if you participate in rescue services.
  • the injury has been approved as a personal injury by Försäkringskassan.
  • you lose income because you must work fewer hours or cannot work at all, must change job or work tasks, lose out on a bonus, or must undergo retraining due to the injury.
  • your income has decreased by at least 1/15 compared to what you were earning before the injury.
  • there is a doctor’s certificate or other medical documentation indicating that your personal injury will affect you ability to work for at least a year going forward from the date the doctor wrote the certificate or documentation.

How much do I get?

You receive compensation for your loss of income beginning from the date the doctor determined that your personal injury will affect your ability to work for at least a year. But, you will receive no more than SEK 332,250 a year.

You also receive compensation for two qualifying days. If you have had more qualifying days than this, you can apply for more compensation.

How do I apply?

1. Report the injury

Tell your closest supervisor, manager or the like that you were injured or have become sick through your operations or were injured on your way to or from the operations. He/she must then report the injury to Försäkringskassan.

If the injury first becomes apparent after you have left military or civil defence service, report the injury to Försäkringskassan yourself. Use the form 9210 Registration of occupational injury or personal injury to report it yourself.

2. Försäkringskassan investigates your personal injury

Försäkringskassan will investigate whether your injury or illness can be approved as a personal injury. You will be contacted if necessary. 

3. You receive a decision about whether your personal injury is approved or not

After the investigation, you will receive a decision about whether your personal injury is approved or not. We will also send a copy of the decision to the Chamber of Commerce.

4. Apply for annuity

Apply using the form.

5087 Ansökan ersättning från statligt personskadeskydd (pdf)

5. An administrator will contact you

An administrator will contact you when the investigation has been started.

6. You receive a decision

Our aim is for you to receive a decision within four months from the date the investigation begins. At present, we have long processing times. This means, it could take longer.

Apply for compensation from other insurance coverage

Even if you cannot receive annuity from Försäkringskassan, there may be other forms of compensation you can apply for.

You can receive compensation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce

You can also receive compensation from Kungafonden.


If you have private accident insurance, you may be entitled to compensation from your insurance company.

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Frequently asked questions

No, but you can apply for compensation for factors such as pain and suffering or disability and permanent injury from the Chamber of Commerce if your injury is approved by Försäkringskassan as a personal injury according to the national personal injury protection.

There is no limitation when it comes to the number of years, but annuity can normally only be paid until the month before your 65th birthday. If you suffer a personal injury after your 65th birthday, annuity can be paid until the month before your 67th birthday.

You preferably report your personal injury together with the person responsible for the organisation. If this is not possible, you can make a report yourself. Försäkringskassan assesses all reports of personal injury that we receive. We will contact you if necessary. Once the investigation is complete, we will send a decision to you and a copy of the decision to the Chamber of Commerce.

Personal injuries can be injuries due to an accident while you were participating in military training as part of the armed forces or while you were participating in civil defence. Personal injuries can also occur while you are travelling to or from your military service or can be illnesses caused by this.

Yes. You can receive sickness benefits from the personal injury protection programme if you cannot receive regular sickness benefits because you do not have any sickness benefit qualifying income. But, you cannot receive sickness benefits while doing military service.

If you were injured on duty on an international military mission or on the police’s international force, you can request orally or in writing that Försäkringskassan assess your injury. Contact the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 for information.

Your injury can be assessed based on the rules in the occupational injury insurance or, if it is more favourable, based on the rules in the government personal injury protection.

If you were injured in an accident, AFA Försäkring can assess your injury and compensation claim without Försäkringskassan assessing it first.

If you want to apply for annuity for example, compensation for special aids or dental care, the same rules apply as for people employed in a job.