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Annuity – compensation for loss of income due to occupational injury

If you lose income due to an occupational injury, you can receive compensation from Försäkringskassan. This is called occupational injury annuity. To receive annuity, a doctor must determine that your occupational injury will affect your ability to work for at least one year going forward.

Can I receive annuity?

You may be entitled to annuity if

  • you lose income because you must work fewer hours or cannot work at all, must change job or work tasks, lose out on a bonus, or must undergo retraining due to the injury.

  • you income has decreased by at least 1/15 compared to what you were earning before the injury.

  • there is a doctor’s certificate or other medical documentation indicating that your occupational injury will affect you ability to work for at least a year going forward from the date the doctor wrote the certificate or documentation.

  • you are insured in Sweden. If you work here, you are.

If you meet all of these conditions, Försäkringskassan will go forward and investigate whether your injury or illness can be approved as an occupational injury. If it is approved as an occupational injury, you can receive annuity.

You were injured in January 2016 and were only able to work half-time over the past year. You have been going to rehabilitation since February 2016 with the goal of being able to work full-time. Initially, the doctor cannot judge how long you will need rehabilitation before you can begin working full-time gain. You see the doctor every month.

But, on 20 January 2017 your doctor writes a doctor’s certificate indicating that you will not be able to work full-time in any job again. This means that you can apply from annuity beginning January 2017.

This means that, even if you earned less from the very first day you were injured, you cannot receive annuity until January 2017. You cannot receive annuity retroactively for the time period before January 2017.


Income before the injury: SEK 25,000 Income after the injury: SEK 23,000

25,000 – 23,000 = 2,000. Thus, the loss of income is SEK 2,000.

One-fifteenth of 25,000 = 25,000/15 = 1,666.

Since SEK 2,000 is more than SEK 1,666, the loss of income is greater than one-fifteenth. Thus, the condition that income must have decreased by at least one-fifteenth is met.


“The annuity has given me financial security.”

Customer example: Fredrika’s back problems forced her to change jobs, which made her income drop.

Read Marika’s story

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Frequently asked questions

No, the factor that determines whether you can receive annuity is not how long your loss of income has lasted, but that a doctor has determined that the injury will affect your ability to work for at least a year going forward from the date the doctor made the assessment.

This is because Försäkringskassan cannot investigate an occupational injury when we know that we will not be able to pay out any compensation. For example, you are not eligible for annuity if your injury does not cause you to lose at least 1/15 of your income for at least a year.

No. This is because we only investigate the occupational injury if you meet the conditions to be entitled to compensation for your occupational injury from Försäkringskassan. This is what the law states.

It is a good idea to let your employer know you injured yourself at work since your employer is obliged by law to report all occupational injuries to the Work Environment Authority. However, your receipt of annuity is not dependent on such a report.

You can receive compensation for injuries related to an accident at work or an accident that occurs while you are on your way to or from your job.

Examples of factors for which you can receive compensation for injury include

  • heavy or monotonous work

  • vibrations or shaking

  • noise

  • various chemical substances

  • psychologically straining working conditions

  • infectious diseases when working in a risky profession.

However, there must be medical knowledge that there is a link between your injury and what you are subjected to through your work.

There is no limitation when it comes to the number of years, but annuity can normally only be paid up until the month before your 65th birthday. If you suffer an occupational injury after your 65th birthday, annuity can be paid up until the month before your 67th birthday.

Yes, you can work in another country and still be insured in Sweden. There are also situations in which you can work in Sweden but be insured in another country. Call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 to learn what applies if you:

  • work as a sailor
  • are assigned to work in another country by a Swedish employer or are assigned to work in Sweden by a foreign employer
  • are a diplomat
  • work in two or more countries
  • are a civil servant of an administration that belongs to Sweden but work in another country
  • work as part of a flight crew
  • are a contracted employee within the EU
  • have been granted an exemption to be covered by Swedish social insurance.
  • if you are injured while participating in a labour market programme or training with work-like elements
  • have an occupational injury that was approved in the past.

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