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Preventive sickness benefit for employees

If you need to refrain from working due to a medical treatment or rehabilitation, you can receive preventive sickness benefit. The treatment or rehabilitation must be intended to prevent or shorten the sickness.

Am I eligible for preventive sickness benefit?

You are eligible for preventive sickness benefit if you:

  • are at increased risk of becoming sick or have an illness that could affect your work capacity.
  • must refrain from working at least one-fourth of your working hours per day as a result of the treatment or rehabilitation.
  • were prescribed the treatment by a doctor.
  • lose work-related income that is sickness benefit qualifying income.
  • are insured in Sweden.

How much do I get?

Preventive sickness benefit gives you about 80 per cent of your regular income.


How do I apply?

You must first see a doctor, who will write a statement with a treatment plan. The treatment plan must be approved by Försäkringskassan. You then apply like having sickness benefit paid out. It works like this:

1. Your doctor writes a statement with a treatment plan

2. You apply to have Försäkringskassan approve the treatment plan

You can attach the doctor’s certificate and treatment plan digitally when you apply. If you received paper copies of them, you can take a picture of them with your phone or scan them so you can attach them digitally.

3. Försäkringskassan sends a decision on whether the treatment plan is approved or rejected

Normally it takes 30 days for us to process your treatment plan. It could take longer if we require more information.

4. You apply for preventive sickness benefit

You can apply on a running basis or once the entire treatment is finished. When you apply, you must submit information about your salary, your working hours, and your employer.

When will the money be paid?

Normally it takes 30 days for us to process your application for preventive sickness benefit. It could take longer if we require more information. The disbursement is not paid on a fixed date. It is instead paid once we have completed the processing work.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can also receive compensation for your travel time to and from treatment.

No, you do not need to submit a sickness report when you apply for sickness benefit for preventive purposes.

Medical treatment or rehabilitation can, for example, be seeing a psychologist, pain management, physical training, vision and hearing rehabilitation, or occupational therapy. Wellness care, however, is not considered medical treatment.

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