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Care allowance for children with special needs

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If you have a child with disability, you can receive child carer’s allowance. The allowance is based on the care and supervision your child needs beyond what is standard for a child of the same age without disability.

Am I eligible for child carer’s allowance?

You can receive child carer’s allowance if

  • your child has a disability. A disability can be congenital or the result of an illness, injury, or the like.
  • you give the child care and supervision as a result of the disability for at least six months.
  • you are the child’s parent or can be equated with the child’s parent.
  • you and your child are insured in Sweden. If you live here, you are. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

What is considered care and supervision?

Care can refer to direct care efforts you provide for your child, as well as other assistance such as

  • special training
  • practical help in day-to-day life, such as getting dressed and undressed, hygiene, homework, clothing care and help with meals
  • establishing routines and structure
  • getting your child active and motivated
  • special diet, moisturising or other self-care

Supervision is the presence of an adult that your child needs, for example, so that they do not run away, come up with dangerous things to do, or suffer or cause an accident. Supervision does not necessarily mean that you have to actively prevent situations that are hazardous for the child. It can also be e.g. being available in case something happens while the child is at school.

How much do I get?

You can receive child carer’s allowance at one of four levels. Försäkringskassan assesses your child’s total need for care and supervision after interviewing you. If you have multiple children with disability, you can receive maximum one full child carer’s allowance per child. Child carer’s allowance is taxed.

The amounts are adjusted at the start of each year. For 2020 they are:

  • SEK 2,464 per month (one-fourth)
  • SEK 4,927 per month (one-half)
  • SEK 7,391 per month (three-fourths)
  • SEK 9,854 per month (full)

Two parents can receive child carer’s allowance

You and the child’s other parent can receive child carer’s allowance for the same child. In such case, you share the allowance. Försäkringskassan assesses the child’s total need for care and supervision, and you can choose how the allowance is divided between you. If you do not make a choice, you will receive half each. If you cannot reach an agreement, Försäkringskassan will make a division in units of one-fourth based on where the child lives and spends their time.

Under the Parental Leave Act, you have the right to shorten your working hours by up to 25 per cent if you or the other parent is receiving child carer’s allowance for the child. This applies even after the child has reached the age of eight or completed their first year of school. Bear in mind that reducing your working hours could lead to lower income, which could affect your sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI).


How do I apply?

1. Apply on My pages (Mina sidor)

Apply for child carer’s allowance on My pages (Mina sidor). You use the same application to change how much of the child carer’s allowance goes to you and how much of it goes to the other parent.

If there are two of you applying jointly, you each need to fill in an application via My pages (Mina sidor) and enter the other parent’s personal identity number in the “Other” (Övrigt) field. This way, our administrative officers can see that you have applied jointly.


2. Send in a medical statement

After completing your application, send in a medical statement describing your child’s disability. If you are applying via our e-service you can submit the medical certificate and other attachments digitally through My Pages as soon as we receive your application. You can see your case on My Pages within 24 hours of applying and you then click add attachments to your application.

If you are not applying via the e-service, send the medical certificate and other attachments to Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral, 839 88 Östersund.

3. We contact you

Once we have received your application, an administrative officer will schedule a time for a call, where we will interview you about your child’s need for care and supervision as a result of their disability. The administrative officer will then assess whether the circumstances entitle you to child carer’s allowance and, if so, at what level.

If you indicated that you need an interpreter, the administrative officer will make sure one participates in the phone call.

4. You will receive a decision

Unfortunately, we currently have long processing times, an average of eight months. You will not miss out on any money because of our processing times. If you are entitled to compensation, you will receive the money in arrears once we have made a decision on your case. If you have previously received care allowance that has ceased in connection with a follow-up, we will prioritize your case.

If you are granted child carer’s allowance, you will receive a decision about what amount you will receive per month. The decision can either have a specific time limit, or apply until June of the year that the child turns 19.

5. Disbursement

Child carer’s allowance is paid out on the 18th or 19th of every month.

For special disbursement dates, see

Disbursement dates and processing times

6. Notify us if anything changes

Call your case administrator if, for example,

  • your child's disability changes
  • your child's need for care and supervision changes
  • the attendance allowance for the child increases or decreases
  • support from your municipality or county increases or decreases

Report the change as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after you learned about the change. Otherwise, you may be required to pay back the money.

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Vanliga frågor

From June the year your child turns 19, you as a parent can no longer receive child carer’s allowance. Depending on your child's disability and situation, there may be other allowances that the child is able to apply for. Call your case administrator for more information.

You are eligible for child carer’s allowance from the time when your child is a newborn if your child has a disability and therefore needs extra care and supervision.

Yes, you can receive child carer’s allowance for up to three months retroactively from the month when we receive your application if you were already entitled to the allowance at that time.

The child does not need to have a set diagnosis. It is enough to send in a certificate from the doctor that describes the child's disability.

The decision letter you receive after you have been granted a nursing grant specifies how long the decision applies. You can receive child carer’s allowance with or without a time limit, but at the longest until June the year the child turns 19.

It is your child's overall need for care and supervision that determines whether you are entitled to child carer’s allowance and if so at what level.

Yes. Your child may receive assistance compensation while you have child carer’s allowance. The child carer’s allowance then applies to the needs that the child has for care and supervision and which are not included in the assistance compensation.

We assess the overall need that the children have for care and supervision. If you have several children with disabilities, each child can entitle you to a maximum of one full child carer’s allowance. You can also receive child carer’s allowance if the children's combined needs entitle you to it even if the children themselves do not.

No, but you can apply for additional cost allowance for the additional costs that you have due to your child's disability. The costs should be linked to your child's disability and be costs beyond what is common for children of the same age without disabilities.

Additional cost allowance for children

  No, child carer’s allowance cannot be granted for the same child and the same time as the care allowance is provided for.

Nej. Omvårdnadsbidrag och merkostnadsersättning är två fristående ersättningar och de är inte beroende av varandra. Det görs ingen sammanvägd bedömning av ditt barns behov av omvårdnad och dina merkostnader kopplade till barnets funktionsnedsättning.

Om du har ansökt om båda ersättningarna så utreder vi om du har rätt till ersättningarna och du får två separata beslut.

Yes. If your child is undergoing long-term care at a hospital or another institution, you can retain the child carer’s allowance for 6 months.

If the child is severely ill and you as a parent must be at the hospital during your child's treatment you can retain the child carer’s allowance for 12 months.

No, you can receive child carer’s allowance even if you can be equated as a parent, you can if any of the following is true for you:

  • You are the parent's spouse who permanently cohabits with the parent.
  • You are the parent’s common-law partner who was previously married to or has or has had children with the parent.
  • You are the child's specially appointed guardian and care for the child.
  • You are the future adoptive parent of a child who is not a Swedish citizen and who does not reside in Sweden when you receive the child in your care.

Yes, a decision on child carer’s allowance must be followed up on a regular basis, at least every two years if there are no grounds for follow-up at longer intervals or when circumstances affecting the right to the allowance have changed.

Examples of changing circumstances are if your child's health status has changed or if child carer’s allowance is granted for an additional child who is not included in the previous assessment of the child carer’s allowance.

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