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Attendance allowance for an adult

Apply for attendance allowance if you need personal assistance.

Disability allowance

Apply for disability allowance if you need help in daily activities or have additional expenses.

Additional cost allowance for adults

Apply for additional cost allowance if you have increased costs related to a disability.

Special high-risk protection

Apply for special high risk protection if you are away from your job often or many hours.

Car allowance for an adult

Apply for car allowance if you need an adapted vehicle.

Activity compensation and sickness compensation

Apply for activity compensation or sickness compensation if you cannot work or want to extend your schooling.

Housing supplement

Apply for housing supplement if you are already receiving sickness compensation or activity compensation.

If your child has a disability

Information for parents about contact days, child carer’s allowance, additional cost allowance, attendance allowance and car allowance

Assistive devices

Apply for assistive devices if you need devices to be able to perform your work.

Alternative formats for people with disabilities

Information from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency in alternative formats. For example, Daisy CD, Braille, sign language videos, or large print.