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Limited company

Here, individuals working in their own limited company can read about how compensation and sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI) are calculated when you apply for benefits such as parental benefit, sickness benefit or benefit for care of a sick child (VAB).

Your compensation is calculated based on the salary you take from the company

If you work in your own limited company, you are considered an employee of the company and have the same right to compensation as other employees.

Your compensation is calculated based on your SGI. SGI is your sickness benefit qualifying income. It is an amount calculated by Försäkringskassan based on the salary you take from your company. Thus, if you take a low salary or no salary at all you are at risk of not receiving any compensation if you get sick.

SGI guide

By answering a few brief questions about your situation, you can get personal information about SGI that applies specifically to you as the owner of a limited company. By taking the few seconds required to answer the questions, you will learn:

  • How you become entitled to an SGI.
  • How it is calculated from your income.
  • How your SGI affects the compensation you receive.
  • What applies if your company is new.
  • That it is important to protect your SGI if you stop working or begin working less.

Starta SGI-guiden

If you have questions

If you own a limited company and have questions about your own insurance cover, such as parental benefit, benefit for care of a sick child (VAB) or sickness benefit, you can receive assistance from an administrator well versed in such issues.

Call the Customer Centre for partners at 0771-17 90 00 and say that you are self-employed so that the IVR system directs you to the right place.

Further information

If you are a parent or expectant parent, the same rules apply for you as a limited company owner as for an employee.

About parental benefit and temporary parental benefit (VAB)


If you have a disability, the same rules apply for you as a limited company owner as for an employee. 

About assistive devices and special high-risk protection


Bear in mind that if you work abroad it could affect whether you are insured in Sweden and eligible for compensation from Försäkringskassan. Information on who is insured in Sweden and what this means can be found here, along with what applies if you work abroad.

Insured in Sweden

Work in the EU/EEA or Switzerland

Work in multiple countries in the EU/EEA or Switzerland

Work outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland


Frequently asked questions

If you have a limited company, you are considered an employee. This means, among other things, that the compensation you receive from Försäkringskassan is based on how much you take as salary and pay income tax on. It also means that you register and apply for compensation the same way as an employed individual would.

It will be calculated based on the salary from your job and from the salary you take from your limited company.

The SGI guide contains information especially for you if you have both a job and a limited company.

Starta SGI-guiden

If you do not take a salary at all, you will probably be completely without insurance cover from Försäkringskassan if you get sick. But, there are some cases (e.g. if you just started a limited company) where you can nonetheless receive compensation.

You decide yourself whether you need extra protection beyond that provided by Försäkringskassan. At, you can read about different types of supplementary insurance available to self-employed individuals.

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