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Sick during pregnancy

Read here about what applies if you get sick during pregnancy.

Am I eligible for sickness benefit?

If you get sick and have a diminished work capacity, you receive sickness benefits in the same way you would have if you were not pregnant.

However, normal pregnancy difficulties such as back pain and fatigue are not counted as illness and consequently do not entitle to sickness benefits.

Although if you have pregnancy difficulties that are unusually severe, they can however be counted as an illness and entitle to sickness benefits. In order to obtain the right decision, it is important that your difficulties are clear in the certificate the doctor writes.

About sickness benefit

What applies if I am too tired to work, but am not sick?

If you have difficulties during pregnancy that do not entitle to sickness benefits, you can take out parental benefits as of 60 days before the estimated delivery.

About parental benefit before the birth of the child

What do I do if my job is too dangerous or physically demanding?

If you have a physically demanding job or if there are risks in the working environment, you can apply for pregnancy benefits.

About pregnancy benefit

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