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10 days

The non-pregnant parent can receive compensation for 10 days of leave in connection with the birth of the child. These days shall provide the opportunity to be at the delivery, get to know the child and take care of other children in the family. The compensation you get is called temporary parental benefits.

Can I receive compensation for the 10 days?

Yes, if

  • you are insured in Sweden. You usually are if you live or work here.
  • the child lives in Sweden or within the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

You can also receive compensation for 10 days if the pregnant parent is single and you are a close relative.

How much money will I get?

With the “Kassakollen” function, you can quickly and easily see approximately how much you can receive for your 10 days. You receive approximately 80 per cent of your salary.


How do I apply for compensation for the 10 days?

1. Apply

Once you have begun working or seeking work again, log in to My pages (Mina sidor) to apply for money for the days you have been on leave. You must take out the 10 days within 60 days from returning home from the delivery. Remember to apply no more than 90 days from the first day you were home with the child.

2. Disbursement

Compensation for the 10 days is paid out on the 25th if you apply no later than the 10th. If you apply after the 10th, your money will be paid out on the 25th of the next month. If we need more information from you, it can take more time. We will contact you if so.

Special disbursement dates

  • If the disbursement date is a Saturday, your money will be paid out on Friday.
  • If the disbursement date is a Sunday, your money will be paid out on Monday.
  • Disbursement normally scheduled for 25 December will be paid out on 23 December 2019 (if you apply by no later than 10 December).

When will the disbursement appear on My pages (Mina sidor)?

On My pages (Mina sidor), you can see the disbursement under Disbursements (Utbetalningar) 1 bank day before the money arrives.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you always get compensation for 10 days per child. Upon the birth of twins, you get 20 days, 30 days for the birth of triplets, and so on.

Yes, if you should have worked or receive unemployment benefits for Saturday and Sunday, you can also receive compensation for Saturdays and Sundays.

Yes, this is fine. You can take out compensation for 25, 50 or 75 per cent of your regular working hours. So you can take out 20 half days instead of 10 whole days. You can also take out 1/8 days, which corresponds to 12.5% of the normal working hours.

Yes. Register by:

  • Texting TIODAGAR, your personal ID number, and the child’s personal ID number to 71020 Example: TIODAGAR 790102xxxx 120304xxxx
    If the child does not have a personal ID number, send your personal ID number and the child's date of birth to 71020. Example: TIODAGAR 790102xxxx 120304
  • Phone the self-service line at 020-524 524
  • Register using the My pages (Mina sidor) app

With every way to register, except by text message, you can choose if you want to apply by form or on My pages (Mina sidor) in the next step.

No. To apply for the 10 days, both guardians must have a Swedish personal ID number. If you do not have one, you can apply using the form instead. Call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 to request a form. The form cannot be downloaded from the website.

It is generally the parent who was not pregnant who has the right to the ten days. But, if the person who was pregnant does not have a partner, Försäkringskassan can grant the ten days to another person instead. The parent of an older child in the family (who is not the parent of the newborn child) can also use the days to care for the older child, if the parties agree to this. In order to be eligible to receive compensation for these days, you must stay home from work. 

No, you cannot use this to apply since it requires login with personal identity number. Call Försäkringskassan so we can send a form to you by post. Bear in mind that Försäkringskassan must receive your application within no more than 90 days from the first day you were home with the child.

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