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Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance is support for parents caring for a child with a disability or long-term illness.

Am I eligible for childcare allowance?

By answering a few questions about your and your child's situation in the guide for persons with disabilities, you can easily see if you are eligible for childcare allowance.

You can receive childcare allowance from when the child is a newborn until June of the year the child turns 19.

You are eligible for childcare allowance if

  • you are caring for a child with a disability or long-term illness
  • the child needs more supervision and care than a child without a disability and will need this for at least six months
  • you are insured in Sweden.

What is considered special supervision and care?

Care can refer to both direct care efforts you provide for your child, as well as other assistance such as help with

  • special training
  • establishing routines and structure
  • getting your child active and motivated.

Supervision refers to when your child needs supervision because it would otherwise run away, find hazardous items, be in or cause an accident, etc. Supervision does not necessarily mean that you have to actively prevent situations that are hazardous for the child. It can also be e.g. being available in case something happens while the child is at school.

How much money will I get?

There are two different forms of compensation available. You can apply for childcare allowance for both care and supervision combined with additional expenses or for additional expenses alone.

Scope SEK per month
Full childcare allowance SEK 9,479
Three-fourths childcare allowance SEK 7,109
One-half childcare allowance SEK 4,740
One-fourth childcare allowance SEK 2,370

To receive one-fourth childcare allowance, the child must need care at least seven hours per week. The child must also require a lot of supervision or the additional expenses must be large. For the other levels, there is no specific limit. We instead base our assessment on your child's needs.

You must pay tax on the childcare allowance.


If you have major expenses related to the child's disability or illness, you can also apply for childcare allowance for additional expenses. Examples of additional expenses include

  • medication
  • wear to clothing and furnishings
  • change of residence
  • washing
  • special food
  • certain trips
  • assistive devices.

If you are only receiving childcare allowance for additional expenses, you can receive SEK 16,380 or SEK 28,438 per year, depending on the size of your additional expenses.

If you apply for childcare allowance for care and supervision and have additional expenses exceeding SEK 8,190 per year, you can receive part of the childcare allowance tax-free.


How do I apply for childcare allowance?

1. Send in a doctor's statement

Ask your child's doctor to fill in a doctor's statement describing the disability or illness. Send the doctor's statement to Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral 839 88 Östersund.

3220 Doctor's statement for childcare allowance (82 kB)PDF opens in a new window

2. Apply on My pages (Mina sidor)

It may be hard to know and describe how much work is involved in taking care of your child and to calculate your additional expenses. Fill in the information as best you can. Your personal administrator will contact you for a telephone interview, where you will go through your application.

If you are applying for compensation for additional expenses, you must describe what the costs are.

3. You receive a confirmation letter

We will send you a decision letter within one week of receiving your application. The letter will provide information such as the name of your personal administrator and how long it will take to process your case.

4. Your personal administrator will call you

Your personal administrator will call and schedule a telephone interview with you. During the interview, you will go through what types of needs your child has as regards care and supervision. You will also go through what additional expenses you have in relation to the child's disability or illness.

5. You receive a decision

After the interview, the administrator will compile your child's care and supervision needs and your additional expenses.
You will usually receive your decision within three months of the date you applied. The decision letter will indicate whether you have been granted the allowance and how much money you will receive.

6. Disbursement

Childcare allowance is paid out on the 18th or 19th of every month.

7. Notify us if anything changes

Call your personal administrator if, for example,

  • your child's disability or illness changes
  • your child's need for care and supervision changes
  • your costs for the child increase or decrease
  • the attendance allowance for the child increases or decreases
  • support from your municipality increases or decreases
  • support from your county increases or decreases

Report the change as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after you learned about the change.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Each child entitles you to one full childcare allowance. If you apply for childcare allowance for two children, you can receive no more than two full childcare allowances. 

The decision letter you receive after applying will let you know how long the childcare allowance has been granted for. The letter will also indicate when your decision will be followed up (reviewed). If your decision will be reviewed in 2019 or later, it will instead cease. You then have the option of applying for child carer’s allowance and child carer’s additional cost allowance. Read more about the new benefits.

News for individuals receiving childcare allowance

At the most, you can receive childcare allowance up until June of the year the child turns 19.

Yes, we assess the total additional costs and need of supervision and care for the children. This means that you may receive childcare allowance even if the needs of each individual child would not entitle you to childcare allowance.

No. You can also receive it if:

  • you have or had children with the parent and you live together
  • you are or were married to the parent and you live together
  • you are or were a registered partner of the parent and you live together
  • you are an appointed legal guardian
  • you are working to become an adoptive parent.

Yes. If your child is under long-term care at a hospital or another institution, you can retain the childcare allowance for 6 months.

If the child is severely ill and you as a parent must be at the hospital during your child's treatment, then you can retain the childcare allowance for 12 months.

Yes. You can receive holiday childcare allowance when the child is at home. For you to be eligible for the allowance, the child must be home at least ten days out of one quarter or ten days in a row over the turn of a quarter.

Yes. If your child normally lives at a boarding house at a national special school for the disabled, national upper-secondary school or the equivalent, you can receive childcare allowance for the time the child spends at home.

No. You can receive childcare allowance starting from the month you submit your application.

Yes. The child does not have to have a set diagnosis. It is enough to send in a certificate from the doctor that describes the child's medical condition.

You are insured in Sweden if you live or work here.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You can work in another country and still be insured in Sweden. There are also situations in which you can work in Sweden but be insured in another country. Call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 to learn what applies if you:

  • work as a sailor
  • are assigned to work in another country by a Swedish employer or are assigned to work in Sweden by a foreign employer
  • are a diplomat
  • work in two or more countries
  • are a civil servant of an administration that belongs to Sweden but work in another country

If you have technical issues

If your e-identification does not work or if you have other technical issues, you can get help on our technical support pages. There, you can get assistance from an administrator directly in a web meeting. You are then connected with the administrator, who can see your screen and help you. Web meetings are available during the Customer Centre’s opening hours.

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If you have a protected identity

If you or your child has a protected identity, you cannot use all of the e-services found on My pages (Mina sidor).

If you are living with a protected identity or have a child with a protected identity

If you must apply using a paper form

All forms that can be downloaded from the website can be found under Forms and certificates.

Forms and certificates