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Child support upon alternating living arrangements

Child support is money that one parent may pay to the other parent. It is intended to be used for the child's housing, food and leisure interests.

Should either of us pay child support?

If the child lives about an equal amount with both parents, nobody needs to pay child support for the child.

If the child lives a bit more with one or the other parent, you can agree on the amount yourselves.

If one parent has a much higher income than the other, it may be reasonable for that parent to pay child support even though the child lives with both parents alternately.

How do we calculate the child support?

You must yourselves agree on the amount. You either reach an oral agreement or a written agreement. Use the manual calculator for child support to get an idea of what is reasonable to pay.

Calculate maintenance allowance (in Swedish)

Before you begin calculating:

  • Have last year's tax return for you and the other parent (if possible) on hand. You will need a lot of information to perform the calculation.
  • Make a list of your day-to-day expenses. Each year, the Swedish Consumer Agency compiles figures into a brochure in Swedish called “Koll på pengarna” [Keeping tabs on your money]. There, you will find compilations of expenses associated with children of various ages.
  • If you have several children, calculate the child support for one child at a time. It is not possible to calculate for multiple children simultaneously. So, make a note of the amount after each calculation and then add them together.
  • If possible, it is a good idea to do the calculation together with the other parent.
  • Do not interrupt the calculation and leave the computer for a long period of time. Otherwise, you may have to start over.

If you enter into an agreement

If you want to enter into an agreement between the two of you, you can use the agreement template:

5221 Agreement on child support for children.pdf öppnas i nytt fönster The agreement does not need to be sent to Försäkringskassan.

The child support is adjusted every year

The child support is adjusted every year to changes in the value of money. This means that the child support is most often increased by a few per cent on 1 February every year.

When should child support be paid?

Child support must be paid in advance every month. So, the support for December must be paid no later than 30 November.

Child support must be paid beginning the month you move apart.

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