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Maintenance support when the child does not live with you

Maintenance support is paid for a child when the parents do not have enough money to pay child support or where there is little chance of the parents reaching an agreement about child support.

If you do not pay child support for your child or if you cannot afford to pay, your child may be eligible to receive maintenance support from Försäkringskassan. This is paid out to the other parent. You are then obliged to pay back all or part of this amount to Försäkringskassan.

How much do I have to pay?

It depends on your taxed income and how many children you are obliged to pay child support for. The amount will never exceed the amount that Försäkringskassan paid out to your child. 

Call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 to learn what applies in your situation.

What should I do?

Around the 25th of each month, you will receive a giro in-payment form. You must pay the money by the end of the month. You can also pay via direct debit (autogiro).

When you have paid in to Försäkringskassan on time for 6 months

When you have paid the right amount to Försäkringskassan on time for at least six consecutive months, you and the other parent will receive a letter from Försäkringskassan indicating that we will no long pay out maintenance support to the other parent. This is because there is no reason for Försäkringskassan to serve as an intermediary for payments. You can instead pay the money directly to the other parent.

You must therefore work together to reach an agreement on the amount. Use the “Calculate child support” (Beräkna underhållsbidrag) tool for a suggested amount for child support and an agreement template. You can use the calculation and agreement template to create a valid agreement on child support.

Beräkna underhållsbidrag

What do we do if we cannot reach an agreement?

If you cannot reach an agreement on child support yourself, you can ask Försäkringskassan for help. Book a personal web meeting with an administrator for help calculating child support and writing an agreement.

Boka tid för webbmöte

The municipality also offers free cooperation discussions to help resolve issues related to custody, access (visitation), residence and support of the child. There, you receive help in finding common solutions for the child's best interest without having to go to court. Contact your municipality.

If you have had cooperation discussions and Försäkringskassan has helped you calculate child support but you still cannot agree on issues relating to the child, you can take the matter to the district court. Contact a legal representative to find out what you should do.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you and the other parent have an agreement or court ruling regarding access. You can request a net calculation to make a recurring deduction. The net calculation is based on the number of days per year that the child stays with you according to the court ruling or agreement.

2583 Begäran om nettoberäkning av underhållsstöd Once you have registered the net calculation and it has been approved, you will receive a recurring deduction from the amount you must pay. The same deduction will be made to the maintenance support paid to the other parent.

If your child does not stay with you as agreed, you can request termination of the net calculation. The other parent can also report that the court ruling or agreement is not being followed. In such case, we may deny your net calculation or revoke an existing decision, unless there are special reasons why the court ruling or agreement is not being followed.

When a decision on net calculation is revoked, there is a two-year wait time before you are eligible to be granted net calculation again.

You can apply to partly or completely defer your payments to us for up to one year. You apply on My pages (Mina sidor).

If you cannot apply via My pages (Mina sidor), you can use this form:

2572 Ansökan om att skjuta upp betalning av underhållsstöd (anstånd)

If you do not pay every month, interest will be applied to the debt. Försäkringskassan will also turn the matter over to the Swedish Enforcement Authority when the oldest payment claim is five months old. This may add extra costs for you. It is therefore important that you apply for respite if you are unable to pay.

Your child is entitled to extended maintenance support if he or she:

  • is attending school full time at the compulsory school level, upper-secondary school level, or equivalent
  • receives financial aid or extended child allowance
  • lives and is registered at the address of the other parent or another party who was guardian when the child turned 18 years of age
  • is not or has not been married.

If the child applies for extended maintenance support, you must continue to pay up until June of the year the child turns 20. A decision will be sent to you by post.

If the child has stopped attending school or does not apply for extended maintenance support, you must pay up until the month the child turns 18.

You are obliged to pay child support for your child even if you move to a different country. Call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 so we can give you information on what applies in your particular situation.

You can apply to defer payment again. In special circumstances, you can be discharged from parts of the debt. This applies if you

  • now have a lower income due to e.g. sickness, rehabilitation or unemployment
  • have deferred payment for at least three consecutive years
  • are still unable to pay.

Apply using this form:

2570 Application for discharge from debt (concession) (123 kB)PDF opens in a new window

In such a case, you will be required to pay SEK 500 directly to the other parent instead. Försäkringskassan can then pay a supplementary allowance (gap amount) of SEK 1,073 to the other parent so that they receive SEK 1,573 per month until the child turns 15. If the child is older, the supplementary allowance is SEK 1,573, which gives the other parent SEK 2,073 per month. If this applies in your case, you will both receive a letter from us about this.

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