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Adoption allowance

Adoption allowance is money you can receive to cover some of the expenses that arise when you adopt a child from a different country.

Am I eligible for adoption allowance?

You are eligible for adoption allowance if

  • the adoption has been approved by the Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority (MIA) or a Swedish court. A foreign adoption decision is also acceptable if the country is party to the Hague Convention.
  • the adoption was arranged by an organisation authorised by MIA
  • the child is a foreign citizen
  • the child is not a resident of Sweden at the time his/she comes into your care
  • the child is not yet 10 years old
  • you are a resident of Sweden both when the child comes into your care and when the adoption becomes officially recognised in Sweden. If there are two parents involved, this applies to both of you.

How much do I get?

You will receive SEK 40,000 for each child. The allowance is tax free.

How do I apply for adoption allowance?

Once your adoption has been officially recognised in Sweden, you can apply for adoption allowance. You must apply within one year from the date the adoption became officially recognised.

1. Apply

Apply using the form.

2540 Application for allowance upon international adoptionpdf öppnas i nytt fönster

Send in the form together with:

  • a copy of the adoption decision or a document that confirms the adoption
  • a copy of a document that confirms which organisation arranged the adoption.

2. Disbursement

We can pay out the money once the adoption has been approved or we have received the foreign adoption decision. If you application is complete, we will process your case immediately.

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Frequently asked questions

No. You can only receive adoption allowance if you are adopting a child from another country.

No. It is enough for you to meet the condition to receive the allowance.

Yes. You choose yourself what percentage of the allowance you want paid into each account.

Yes. You will receive SEK 75,000 for each child.