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If you are expecting a child

Information about pregnancy benefit, parental benefit before the child is born, sickness during pregnancy, and services and tools for expectant parents.

When the child is born

Information about parental benefit, housing allowance, child allowance, and 10 days.

If you intend to adopt

Information about parental benefit, 10 days upon adoption, child allowance, adoption allowance, housing allowance, maintenance support, and services and tools for people intending to adopt.


Läs om barnbidrag.

Care of a sick child (VAB)

Register and apply for temporary parental benefits (VAB).

If your child has a disability

Information about contact days, childcare allowance, attendance allowance, and car allowance.

Housing allowance for families with children

Calculate and apply for housing allowance.

Parents who do not live together

Information about child support, maintenance support and things that are good to know in connection with separation.