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Family benefit

If you are a recruit, are undergoing military training, or are in active service as part of Swedish total defence service, you can read about daily benefit and family benefit here.

Daily benefit

Daily benefit is paid to individuals who are in active service as part of total defence service or home guard duty. Daily benefit cannot be paid during basic training. The compensation consists of a basic amount per service day and is intended to compensate for parts of the lost work income.

How much money will I get?

The daily benefit amounts to 90 percent of your sickness benefit qualifying income, with a maximum of SEK 917 and a minimum of SEK 130 per day.

To be able to receive the compensation, you must have a current decision on sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI).

You can easily see if you already have a current SGI decision by logging in to My pages (Mina sidor) and go to My profile (Min profil).

If the decision is maximum one year old and the income is still correct when you begin your service, you do not have to do anything.

If you do not have a current SGI decision, send an e-mail to to request the form Income and working hours (5540). Include the following in your message to Försäkringskassan:

  • Your name and personal identity number
  • Whether you are an employee, student, job seeker, contractor or self-employed individual. If you are self-employed, you must indicate what form of company you have. If you are both an employee and self-employed, you must indicate this.

When will the money be paid?

Your will receive your money after the Swedish Armed Forces or the Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency has reported your service to Försäkringskassan. If you recently reported a new income, Försäkringskassan must also define your SGI before disbursement. Once your SGI has been defined, a supplemental disbursement is paid to ensure you receive the right compensation. Disbursements are paid on a running basis and there are no fixed disbursement dates, but they are maximum every 14 days.

Family benefits

Family benefit is a collective benefit for those undergoing basic training or officer training. The family benefit gives you and your loved ones financial security during your while you are undergoing training or service.

For you to receive housing allowance, you must live in and pay for the residence you are applying for. The amount you can receive in housing allowance depends on whether you live alone or with others, and where in Sweden the residence is located.

You must have lived in the residence at least three months by the time the training starts.

If you earn more than SEK 2,000 per month beyond your recruitment grant, the housing allowance is reduced.

The allowance is only paid during the time you are serving. To receive the allowance, the service or training must last at least 60 days.

The allowance may be affected if you move during your service, so contact Försäkringskassan if you intend to move.

Apply for housing allowance for recruits by sending in the form


2520 Application Family allowance – family benefit or housing allowance (PDF 92 kB)PDF opens in a new window

If you have children under the age of 18 who live in your home or for which you must pay child support, you may receive family benefit.

You can receive maximum SEK 2,175 per month and child.

You can also receive family benefit for a spouse for which you must pay maintenance. You can then receive a maximum of SEK 4,350 per month.

Apply for family benefit by submitting the form

2520 Application Family allowance – family benefit or housing allowance (PDF 92 kB)PDF opens in a new window

If you have your own company or are an employee in a company run by your spouse, you can receive government contribution from Försäkringskassan so you can continue with the business once your service is finished.

To receive government contribution, you must support yourself in whole or in part through the company. You can receive the money if another person must be employed to perform the work. You can receive a maximum of SEK 49,000 a month. The government contribution is taxable.

You can also receive government contribution if you make the company dormant. You will then receive compensation for necessary expenses to resume operations after your service is complete. Examples of this could be having to pay rent or interest and insurance premiums. You can receive a maximum of SEK 49,000 a month. The government contribution is taxable.

Apply for government contribution by submitting the form

FK 2521 Application Family allowance – government contribution (142 kB)PDF opens in a new window

Funeral benefit is paid out to a recruit when a spouse or a child for whom family benefit has been granted dies during the training period.

No application is required to receive funeral benefits, just registration. Register for funeral benefit with Försäkringskassan at phone number 0771-524 524.

Even if no family benefit has been granted, funeral benefit can be paid out to a recruit if there is a need for the benefit. An example of this can be that no insurance money is paid out based on the death, and there are no strong reasons for this to change.


Vanliga frågor

Nej. Om du tjänstgör inom totalförsvaret så är det Plikt– och prövningsverket som hanterar alla frågor om din tjänstgöring. Om du tjänstgör vid hemvärnet ska du vända dig till Försvarsmakten.  Försäkringskassan får automatiskt information om din tjänstgöring från Plikt– och prövningsverket eller Försvarsmakten och betalar ut den dagpenning du har rätt till. Du behöver inte meddela oss vilken period du tjänstgör.

Ja, du kan tidigast få eventuella bidrag från och med den dag du är folkbokförd på ansökningsadressen.

Du kan få bostadsbidrag om du varit folkbokförd hos dina föräldrar och med egna pengar betalat för din del av boendet. Om du bor hemma hos dina föräldrar beror bidragets storlek på dina föräldrars inkomst och eventuell inkomst hos andra barn som bor hemma.

Om du var gift eller sambo innan du började din tjänstgöring kan du få bostadsbidrag som täcker hälften av din bostadskostnad.

Men det finns ett maxbelopp för hur stor del av bostadskostnaden Försäkringskassan räknar med. Hur stort maxbeloppet är beror på vilken kommun du bor i.

Om du redan påbörjat din tjänst eller utbildning kan bidraget max betalas 30 dagar retroaktivt från och med att ansökan inkommit till Försäkringskassan.

Försäkringskassan kan bara betala ut ersättning baserad på den information vi får från Försvarsmakten eller Plikt– och prövningsverket.

Du ska alltid anmäla ändrade uppgifter till Försäkringskassan. Det kan till exempel gälla om du har fått en ny hyra eller om hushållets inkomster har ändrats.

Du anmäler ändrade inkomster på den här blanketten:

2522 Ansök om familjebidrag – ändrade uppgifter

Innan Försäkringskassan kan besluta om familjebidrag eller dagpenning måste Försvarsmakten eller Plikt– och prövningsverket skicka en avisering om tjänstgöringsperiod. Förseningen kan också bero på att Försäkringskassan behöver kompletterande uppgifter.

Om du är ansluten till tjänsten Mina meddelanden kommer ditt beslutsbrev att skickas till din digitala brevlåda istället för hem till dig med papperspost.

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