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The coronavirus/covid-19 – applicable regulations

April 8, 2020

Due to the coronavirus/covid-19, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency has received questions about the rules for disease carrier allowance, travel allowance, sickness benefit and care of a sick child (vab).

This web page is updated as soon as more information is available.

To be eligible for disease carrier allowance, a doctor must have decided that you cannot work because you are or may be infected with a disease that is classified as dangerous to public health and society. The coronavirus /covid-19 is such a disease.

Disease carrier’s benefit for employees

Disease carrier’s benefit for job seekers

Disease carrier’s benefit for individuals with a limited company

Disease carrier’s benefit for individuals with sole proprietorship

Travel allowance for students


The Swedish Parliament and government have decided to change a number of regulations due to the corona virus/covid-19.

The deduction from sick pay during the qualifying period

The government has decided to temporarily suspend the deduction from sick pay. This means that you can apply for a retroactive reimbursement for deductions that your employer has made from your sick pay from the 11th March 2020.

If you are unemployed or on parental leave, you apply for sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan as usual. This is also the case if you do not receive sick pay from your employer. Försäkringskassan will not make a deduction from your sickness benefit.

How much money will I get?

If you are employed your reimbursement will be 700 Krone before taxes.

If you are self-employed you will receive 804 Krone before taxes for each day you are ill during the qualifying period.

How do I apply?

You can apply by logging in to My pages (Mina sidor).

If you are unable to use My pages (Mina sidor) you can fill in form FK6010 and send it to Försäkringskassan. The form is in Swedish.

6016 Ansök om ersättning för karens

When will I receive my money?

You will receive the money within 5 working days.

When will the disbursement appear on My pages (Mina sidor)?

The disbursement will be shown under Utbetalningar 1 bank day before the money arrives.

Doctor’s certificate

From the 27th March you will no longer need a doctor’s certificate for the first 21 days you are ill. If you are still ill after 21 days you will need to hand in a doctor’s certificate when you apply for sickness benefit.

Compensation for the cost of sick pay

The government has decided that all employers will receive full compensation for the cost of sick pay stated in their PAYE tax return for April och May 2020. Employers will pay sick pay to their employees as usual. Försäkringskassan will then compensate employers through a payment to the employer´s tax account.

The compensation will be paid as soon as possible after the employer has filed their monthly PAYE tax return. The first payment will be made after 12th May 2020.

Question and answers about deduction from sick pay during the qualifying period, qualifying period, doctor’s certificate and sick pay

The questions and answers are at the moment only in Swedish and can be found below:

För dig som är anställd eller arbetssökande

För dig som är arbetsgivare eller har eget företag

För dig som är partner till Försäkringskassan (hälso- och sjukvård, företagshälsovård, Arbetsförmedlingen)


If your child is ill or is a disease carrier, you may receive care of a sick child (vab) if you need to be at home to care for your child.

You may also receive compensation if there is a specific suspicion that your child is spreading infection. It may for example be a doctor or a nurse who has assessed this.

You are not eligible for care of a sick child (vab) if you keep your child at home to reduce the risk of your child being infected by others.

Currently you are not eligible for vab if your child´s daycare or school is closed and your child is not ill or infectious. The government is working on a proposal though no decision has yet been made. We will publish information regarding any changes as soon as possible.

What are the current rules when I apply?

You no longer need to submit a doctor’s certificate if your child is ill or infected for more than seven days. This applies regardless of the cause of your child's illness or infection.

This also applies even if you have already submitted an application and are awaiting a decision, or if you have been at home and have not yet applied for compensation.

You do not need to submit a doctor’s certificate when the child's regular caregiver, such as a child minder, is ill for more than seven days.

Remember that you must apply no later than 90 days after the first day you were at home with the child.

Specific rules apply in the following situations:

  • If your child has reached the age of 12 but not 16 and has a preliminary decision
  • If your child is seriously ill

Apply for care of sick child (vab)

Questions and answers about vab due to coronavirus (in Swedish)

Frågor och svar om vab

Compensation information

Care of a sick child (vab)


If you have been laid off, it is important that you protect your sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI). SGI is an amount calculated by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency based on how much you earn per year.

Many compensations that you can receive from the Social Insurance Agency, such as sickness benefit or care of a sick child (vab), are based on your SGI.

Your former SGI is protected for three months from the last day you worked. After that, it can still be protected if you do any of the following:

  • register as a job seeker at the Swedish Public Employment Service no later than the first day you became unemployed
  • begin studying at a program that gives you the right to study support from The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN)
  • are on sick leave and receive sickness benefit
  • are on parental leave and receive parental benefit

Start the guide of sickness benefit qualifying incom (in Swedish)

Start the SGI-guide (in Swedish)

At the Swedish Public Employment Services website you can read more about what steps you need to take if you become unemployed.

When you become unemployed (

Parliament has decided to launch a new system to support short-term work. Employers will, during a limited time, receive state support if they need to introduce short-term work due to temporary and serious economic difficulties.

Your SGI is protected if you receive a lower salary from March 16 or later, provided that your employer receives state support. This means that your SGI will not be lowered in spite of your salary having been lowered.

Your SGI is not protected if your employer does not receive state support for short-term work. Your SGI will be adjusted in accordance with your new salary.

It is important that you contact your employer to find out what applies to you.

Questions and answers about compensations from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency if you are laid of for a limited time.

I have been laid off. How will this affect my housing allowance?

If you have been laid off from work you can report a change of income for your housing allowance on My pages (Mina sidor). Estimate your new income. If two persons have a housing allowance together you need to send in a form by post.  You can send in a new application if it is less than three months left of your housing allowance.

I have been laid of for a limited time and work 50% but receive 90% of my previous salary. How should I fill in my application for care of a sick child (vab)?

In the application, via the web or in the app, you state in the field “tid du vabbat”/ "time you spent taking care of a sick child" the hours you actually needed to give up work. When it comes to the field where you state the time you should have worked you write your regular working hours, ie the working hours you had before you became laid off for a limited time.

I have been laid off from my job. I will work about 40 percent but get a salary that corresponds to 90-95 percent of my previous income. Can I take parental leave for the part of the day that I don't work?

Yes, you can take parental leave during the part of the day you do not work


The government proposes to temporarily suspend the deduction from sick pay during the qualifying period and the requirement for a doctor’s certificate for those who participate in a program at the Swedish Public Employment Service. You apply for activity compensation, development allowance and introduction benefit just as usual.


From the year you turn 24 and have to pay for dental care yourself, you can receive a state dental care subsidy.

Can the compensation period within the high-cost protection for dental care be extended due to the corona virus?

No, it is not possible to extend the compensation periods. The high-cost protection is calculated per year. This means that all actions that are made during a continuous period of twelve months are counted in your high-cost protection.

Compensation information

Dental care subsidy



Closed borders can prevent you from travelling to your place of work if you work in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. Provided that you keep your current employment, The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has made the assessment that decisions about which country you are insured in will not be altered.

If you have an A1 form you do not need to contact the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. This is applicable even if you, due to the current situation, are forced to work in another country than the one stated on the form.

If you have been laid off from work in another country you need to contact the Swedish Social Insurance Agency so that we can determine which country you should be insured in. This is applicable even when you have been laid off due to the current situation. Please contact us in order to avoid missing out on benefits and to avoid becoming liable for repayment of benefits.

It is important that you keep yourself updated on this issue. You can do this by reading information on our website.

Working abroad

Insured in Sweden