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Bilder och foton för extern användning

The images are free to use in contexts where Försäkringskassan and social security are described. Use in advertising and marketing is not allowed. All images are in jpeg format unless otherwise specified.

Försäkringskassan's logo and various workplace images

Logo and workplace images, etc.


Ann-Marie Begler

Department for Management Support

  Sture Hjalmarsson

Department for Analysis and Forecast

Gabriella Bremberg

IT Director, IT Department

Stefan Olowsson

Insurance Director, Manager of the Department for Health Insurance

Lars-Åke Brattlund

Head of the Department for Disability

Marie Axelsson

Försäkringskassan's spokesperson on family-economic matters

Niklas Löfgren

National Insurance Coordinator, Health Insurance

Cecilia Udin

Head of Department for Common Insurance Issues

Per Eleblad

Insurance Director, New Arrivals or Job Seekers

Ulrika Havossar

Head of Department for Child and Family

Alexandra Wallin


Alexandra Wallin 1

Alexandra Wallin 2 

Head of Legal department

Eva Nordqvist

Head of Operations at the Department for Disability

 Andreas Larsson