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You are using an older version of your web browser. This means that you might not be able to use all of the functions of the website. We recommend that you update to a newer version.


We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of the website. Our goal is for all the information and services on the website to be accessible to everyone, regardless of personal or technical capabilities.

Accessibility tools

The goal is for our website and e-services to support accessibility tools, such as the most common screen readers. 

At the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, we use the screen reader NVDA to check and ensure that our website and e-services are accessible. 


To make the page content larger, you can change the zoom level of the page. The way you do this varies depending on the web browser and device you are using (computer, mobile phone, tablet). Many web browsers have an integrated zoom function that you access via the browser menu – there are also usually shortcuts that can be used, like holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard and moving the mouse wheel, or using a “pinch” movement on a touch screen.

Navigate with the keyboard

If you have difficulty using a mouse, it is often simpler to navigate using the keyboard. In most browsers, you can do so by using the Tab key to jump from one link to the next, and the Enter or Return key to activate a link.

To jump to the previous link, hold down the Shift key while pressing Tab.

If it does not work in your browser, there should be information on what to do in your browser's documentation or help system.

Sign language

On our website you will find information in sign language. The sign language pages are marked with a symbol. To play the video, click the plus sign next to the sign language symbol.

altSymbol to play video in sign languagealttitleSymbol to play video in sign languagetitle

External links open in a new window

When we link to another website, the page opens in a new window. This means that you return to our website after you close the new window. These links have a specific icon and you screen reader will read aloud that the link will open in a new window.

Your browser settings determine whether a file (e.g. a form, which is in the file type PDF) opens in a new window. This is something we normally cannot change.

Web browser

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s web pages work well in modern browsers in mobile phones, computers and tablets, such as newer versions of Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Print out web pages

Use the browser's built-in print function when you want to print a page. On printouts, the functions in the page header are removed and any expandable sections on the page are expanded.

If you want to see how the printout will look before you print it, you can select “Print Preview” in your browser or in the print window.

Download files

On our website, PDF is the most common format for documents and forms, but documents in e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint can also be found. A common free program for reading PDF files is Adobe Reader. If you do not have a program that can read the file formats for Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can download Microsoft Viewer for these formats free of charge.

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