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My messages (Mina meddelanden) – receive digital mail from authorities

My messages (Mina meddelanden) is a service for secure digital mail from authorities and municipalities.

With the My messages (Mina meddelanden) service, you can receive, read, and collect a number of the letters you receive from authorities digitally. The service is free and completely voluntary. It can be used by both private individuals and companies. All you need to be approved for My messages (Mina meddelanden) is an electronic ID and a digital mailbox.

The My messages (Mina meddelanden) is a collaboration between several Swedish authorities, including the Swedish Tax Agency, the Public Employment Service and Försäkringskassan.

To My messages (Mina meddelanden)

Digital mail from Försäkringskassan

If you are connected to My messages (Mina meddelanden), Försäkringskassan will send the following letters to your digital mailbox instead of to your home in paper form:

  • confirmation letter if you have reported an occupational injury
  • confirmation letter if you have reported that you have moved/started working in a different country
  • decision letter for housing allowance, maintenance support and sickness benefit qualifying income
  • information letter to employees with sick pay who have been reported sick by their employer
  • information letter to parents who have a child who is celebrating their 1st birthday
  • information letter to individuals who have received sickness benefit for 364 days or for the maximum time
  • information letter who will soon celebrate their 30th birthday and are receiving activity compensation
  • information letter to individuals with work injury annuity
  • payment notice