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About e-identification

Here, you can learn what electronic ID and Mobile BankID are, and how to obtain an electronic ID.

What are electronic ID and Mobile BankID?

You use an electronic ID to identify yourself and create electronic signatures on My pages (Mina sidor). You can also use the same electronic ID other places, such as when you file your tax return with the Swedish Tax Agency, or to log in to your bank.

You can install an electronic ID on your computer, or on your smartphone or tablet. If you have it installed on a mobile device, it is called Mobile BankID. With Mobile BankID, you can log in on any computer as long as you have your mobile phone with you.

How do I get an electronic ID.

If you have an internet bank, log in and download your electronic ID from there. It is free. Some banks refer to electronic ID as BankID, but it works the same way.

If you do not have an internet bank, you can obtain an electronic ID through Telia.

Frequently asked questions

On the Technical support page, you can see the most common problems with electronic ID and get help to fix them.