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Information about social security

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Swedish social insurance covers essentially everyone who lives or works in Sweden. The insurance is an important part of the public welfare systems and is of great importance to not only individuals, households and companies, but to the entire social economy.

Försäkringskassan’s mission is to make decisions about and pay out the majority of the benefits that are included in the social insurance system. The disbursements comprise more than SEK 200 billion per year, which is equal to six per cent of Sweden’s GDP.

The social insurance system is administered by Försäkringskassan and the Swedish Pensions Agency. Försäkringskassan is responsible for benefits, compensation and allowances for families with children, as well as people with disabilities or illnesses. The Pensions Agency is in charge of pensions and other support for survivors and the elderly.

Social Insurance in Figures

Social insurance is described here in tables, maps and charts based on the different areas of insurance.
The number of recipients, the amount disbursed and the average compensation for a number of benefits and allowances are some of the values presented in Social Insurance in Figures.

The statistics are presented in the form of charts and tables for previous years and in time series, generally from 15 years back in time and onwards.

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