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Our role – to create a safety net should life take a new turn

Försäkringskassans ledning

Här kan du läsa om hur Försäkringskassan styrs och om myndighetens ledning.

Management, governance and monitoring

Read more about how Försäkringskassan is run and how the authority’s work is monitored here.

Easy-to-read About Försäkringskassan

This page talks about Försäkringskassan in simple terms.

Information about social security

The social insurance system is an integral part of Sweden's welfare. The insurance covers essentially everyone who lives or works in Sweden.

Försäkringskassan's open data

Försäkringskassan’s open data and open APIs can be found here. Our open data is information that is available for anyone to freely use, reuse and share.

The history of social security

Försäkringskassan was formed to give everyone the same right to security – an idea with a long history.

Procurement and purchasing

All purchases we make must comply with the Public Procurement Act. If you are a supplier, you can read more here about what applies and what procurements are in the works right now.