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If you are not satisfied

Read more about how to appeal and request reconsideration of our decisions. At the end, you can find information about the possibility of requesting damages from Försäkringskassan.


If you are dissatisfied with Försäkringskassan's decision, you can request that we reconsider the decision. Reconsideration means that you submit your viewpoints, and we then re-examine the case. We look at all information already gathered in relation to the case, along with any new documentation.

Use the form found below to request reconsideration. If you cannot print the form, you can call 0771-524 524 and request that we send it to you. Send the completed form to the address printed on the form:

FE 179
831 88 Östersund

If you cannot use the form, send a letter to Försäkringskassan instead. Write which decision you want changed and in what way you want it changed. Also write your name, personal identity number, address and phone number. Send your letter to:

Box 70320
107 23 Stockholm

Your request must arrive at Försäkringskassan within two months after you received the decision.

Any attorney you retain must have a power of attorney.

Power of attorney for representativepdf öppnas i nytt fönster PDF opens in a new window



If you are dissatisfied with Försäkringskassan's reconsideration decision, you can appeal it to the administrative court.

  1. Write a letter indicating which decision it concerns, how you want the decision changed and why. Be sure to include your name, personal identity number, address and phone number.
  2. Send your appeal to the reconsideration unit at the address stated on the reconsideration decision.

If you engage counsel to represent you, you must also include the representative’s name, address and phone number. The court will then decide whether a power of attorney (authorisation) is required, and whether it must be submitted as an original copy.


It is Försäkringskassan that sends in your appeal to the administrative court after a check that your appeal has been received within the right amount of time.

If you feel that the administrative court's decision is also incorrect, you can appeal further to the administrative court of appeal and lastly to the Supreme Administrative Court.

About damages

If you believe that Försäkringskassan has caused you damage and want financial compensation, you can request damages.

You do so by writing a letter in which you explicitly request damages. In the letter, you describe in what way you feel Försäkringskassan acted improperly or was negligent, and what damage it has caused you. You also write your name, address and other contact information and preferably your personal ID number.

Your request is handled differently depending on whether you feel Försäkringskassan acted improperly or was negligent.

If you feel Försäkringskassan caused you damage:

Send the letter and any documents you would like us to consider to:

Legal department
103 51 Stockholm.

You will receive a letter confirming that we have received your request for damages.


Send the letter and any documents you would like us to consider to:

Box 2308
SE-103 17 Stockholm, Sweden

The Office of the Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern) will then review whether you are entitled to damages according to the provisions of the Tort Liability Act.


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