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Insured in Sweden

Being insured in Sweden means that you are covered by the Swedish social insurance system and are entitled to various kinds of benefits. Försäkringskassan decides whether you are insured in Sweden and are entitled to benefits. To receive a benefit, you must also satisfy the criteria that apply for that particular benefit. Some of the benefits are based on residency and others on work.

Residence-based benefits

If you reside in Sweden for longer than one year, you are usually insured for residence-based benefits.

The residence-based insurance expires when you are no longer considered to be resident in Sweden. However, as long as you are considered to be resident in Sweden, you may be eligible to receive certain benefits while you are staying in another country. This depends on the reason you are abroad and in which country you are staying.

If you work in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland, you are generally not insured for residence-based benefits in Sweden. Read more about what applies on our pages about working abroad.

Working abroad

  • parental benefit at the minimum level and basic level
  • child allowance
  • extended child allowance
  • adoption allowance if you adopt a child who does not live in Sweden or is not a Swedish citizen
  • maintenance support
  • housing allowance
  • special housing supplement for pensioners
  • old age pension in the form of guarantee pension
  • income support for the elderly
  • special pension supplement to old age pension for long-term care of a sick or disabled child
  • attendance allowance
  • disability allowance and childcare allowance
  • car allowance
  • rehabilitation and special allowance for rehabilitation
  • national dental care subsidy
  • compensation under reciprocal health care arrangement across Scandinavia
  • sickness benefit in special cases
  • sickness or activity compensation in the form of guarantee benefit
  • widow’s pension and adjustment pension in the form of guarantee pension
  • survivor’s support.

Work-based benefits

If you work in Sweden, you are insured for work-based benefits. This applies if you are an employee, self-employed or a contractor. The work-based benefits are all intended to cover some form of loss of income. This means that their size is dependent on the income you have or have had.

Your work-based insurance usually expires three months after your work in Sweden is considered to have concluded. However, in some cases the insurance period can be longer or shorter than three months.

Some of the work-based benefits will always be paid out, regardless of which country you live in. One example of this is pensions. For other benefits, there are only certain circumstances where they are paid out to you if you live abroad. It depends on why you are abroad, and whether the country in question is part of the EU/EEA.

Read more about what applies on our pages about working, studying or receiving care abroad.

Working, studying or receiving care abroad

  • pregnancy benefit
  • parental benefit at the sickness benefit level and basic level
  • temporary parental benefit
  • income-based old age pension
  • sickness benefit
  • rehabilitation and rehabilitation allowance
  • occupational injury compensation
  • income-related sickness or activity compensation
  • benefit for care of closely related persons
  • child pension
  • adjustment pension
  • widow’s pension.