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Your rights and obligations

Insured in Sweden

Read more about what it means to be insured in Sweden.

Acts and regulations

Read more about the laws and regulations that govern our activities.

Public access and secrecy

The principle of public access to official documents guarantees transparency and is therefore an important cornerstone of our democracy.

Guidance and legal position

Here, you will found our guides and legal positions for download.

Your personal data

Read more about how Försäkringskassan handles personal data and the social insurance registers Försäkringskassan is responsible for.

Signature on your word of honour

It is important that you receive the right decision and right compensation.

If you are not satisfied

Here, you can read about how to appeal and request reconsideration of our decisions, and how to request damages.


Here you can read about what happens if you have received too much compensation from us.

When will the money be paid out?

Here, you can see which day you will receive your disbursement. You can also see when the money is paid our if the regular disbursement date is on a weekend.

About tax

Here, you can read more about tax rules related to our benefits