Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


Benefits for those who have recently arrived in Sweden

Introduction benefit

Those who are newly arrived in Sweden may be eligible for introduction benefit. Applications for introduction benefit are submitted to the Public Employment Service which makes decisions on the introduction benefit and its size. Försäkringskassan disburses the introduction benefit when the newly arrived immigrant has an introduction plan established at the Public Employment Service.

Those receiving introduction benefit may can also receive supplementary introduction benefit and introduction benefit for housing. It is Försäkringskassan that makes decisions on and disburses these benefits.

Supplementary introduction benefit

Those with children living at home may be entitled to supplementary introduction benefit.
The amount of supplementary introduction benefit paid out depends on the number of children and the children's age. The applicant receives SEK 800 for each child younger than 11 and  SEK  1,500 for each child who is 11 and older.

Supplementary introduction benefit can be paid out for a maximum of three children. If the applicant has more than three children, the eldest children are counted, allowing a family a maximum of SEK 4,500 in supplementary introduction benefit per month.

If one applicant receives maintenance support, this may entail a reduction in the supplementary introduction benefit.

Introduction benefit for housing

Those living alone in their own accommodation and who are registered in the Population Register can receive introduction benefit for housing. Own accommodation may refer to a dwelling that you own, ownership of a cooperative apartment or possession of an apartment with right of tenancy.

You can receive introduction benefit for housing even if you are subleasing, provided that the rental agreement is in writing and that the landlord, tenant-owner's association or rent tribunal has approved the rental. If you have a lodger or live together with someone, you are not entitled to introduction benefit for housing.

Introduction benefit for housing may be payable for the housing cost that exceeds SEK 1,800 per month. If you have a housing cost exceeding SEK 5,700 per month, you are not entitled to compensation for the excess of the cost. Introduction benefit for housing may be payable up to a maximum of SEK 3,900. Applications for introduction benefit for housing are made using the form FK 6703 Application for introduction benefit for housing.


Försäkringskassan disburses introduction benefit, supplementary introduction benefit and introduction benefit for housing once a month. The money is paid out retrospectively.