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Attendance allowance

What is attendance allowance?

Attendance allowance is compensation from Försäkringskassan to a person with a severe disability to cover their costs for personal assistance. Personal assistance is defined as individually adapted support provided by a limited number of people.

Who can receive attendance allowance?

Those who require help more than 20 hours a week with the basic needs can receive attendance allowance. Help with basic needs entails, for example, help with washing oneself, getting dressed, eating food, communicating outwardly or other assistance that requires in-depth knowledge of the person who has the disability.

Both children and adults can be entitled to attendance allowance. A person may also receive attendance assistance after the age of 65, but only if the benefit has been granted beforehand.

In order to be entitled to attendance allowance, the person must also belong to the specific category. The category covers people with

  • mental impairments, autism or autism-like conditions
  • significant and permanent intellectual disabilities following brain damage in adulthood. The injury has to have occurred through physical violence or physical illness
  • other permanent physical or mental disabilities that are not due to normal ageing. The disabilities have to be so severe that they cause significant difficulties with activities of daily living.


Remuneration is not paid for the duration the person

  • is cared for at an institution belonging to the state, municipality or county council
  • is cared for at an institution run using grants from the state, municipality or county council
  • lives in a group home
  • stays or participates in childcare, school or daily activities if there are no special reasons.

The right to allowance for other needs

A person who needs help with the basic needs on average more than 20 hours a week may be entitled to personal assistance for other needs in their daily life. This may, for example, involve help with cooking, shopping, engaging in leisure activities or working.

How large is the allowance?

Each year, an hourly rate is determined for the national attendance allowance. If the person has special reasons, they can apply for a higher hourly rate. Special reason may, for example, be that the person needs an assistant with special education who requires more pay than the standard amount covers.

Current amount - Hourly rate for the national attendance allowance


Forms for applying for attendance allowance are found here on the website. They can also be ordered via 020-524 524. If you need help with an application, please contact Försäkringskassan.

When the application has been received, Försäkringskassan will consult with the applicant regarding their need for assistance. Försäkringskassan then determines the number of hours for which the person will receive allowance. The municipality can also notify Försäkringskassan that a person requires attendance allowance. In that case, he or she does not need to submit an application. Instead, Försäkringskassan contacts the person in question to discuss what assistance he or she requires.

In-depth information

Attendance allowance (PDF 992 kB, opens in a new window)

3078 Registration from municipality - Need for personal assistance (PDF 55 kB, opens in a new window)