Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


Data protection procedures

Who answers my questions?

For information, please contact the Customer Centre for partners, where inquiries received by Försäkringskassan from insurance companies and occupational pension companies are dealt with.

Written inquiries are sent to:

Customer Centre for partners
Box 93
662 22 Åmål

Customer Centre for partners

The Swedish Pensions Agency deals with inquiries concerning general pension and survivor's pension.

The Swedish Pension Agency's website (www.pensionsmyndigheten.se, opens in a new window)

When can Försäkringskassan disclose information?

If a third party such as an insurance company requests documents or information, we promptly conduct what is known as a data-protection assessment. This means that we take a stance on whether it is a public document or if a secrecy assessment is required.

Försäkringskassan may disclose information on disbursed compensation to an insurance institution if it requires the information in order to coordinate compensation payments. In this case, consent is not required from the party to which the case applies. Försäkringskassan charges a fee for copies of ten pages or more (the Fees Ordinance, 1992:191).

Consent and power of attorney

The individual can consent to the authority disclosing confidential data concerning him or her. This applies both to disclosure to other public authorities and to individuals. If a person who has the support of a power of attorney requests information from Försäkringskassan on someone else's behalf, it is the task of Försäkringskassan to verify that the power of attorney is valid and what it covers.

In-depth information

Privacy and the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act