Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)




Försäkringskassan strives to achieve effective collaboration between different authorities and organisations. We work on different levels to ensure that the collaboration works well for the people who are dependent on the efforts of our organisation and others.

Försäkringskassan coordinates occupational rehabilitation within the area of health insurance. Through obtaining a comprehensive overview, we can coordinate the efforts of different actors and use them effectively to provide the level of support required by the individual. In order to accomplish our mission as coordinator of occupational rehabilitation, Försäkringskassan needs to establish close cooperation with the healthcare services, the municipality, the Public Employment Service and employers.

Do you need to contact Försäkringskassan?

If it involves an individual case, you should contact a personal administrative officer at one of Försäkringskassan's local insurance centres. There are also local coordination managers working here who you can contact if it involves more general issues.



Coordinate rehabilitation

Kunskapsguiden – a web-based guide to the areas of mental illness and health and social care of the elderly

Kunskapsguiden is a national platform that brings together existing and new knowledge within the areas of mental illness and health and social care of the elderly. Kunskapsguiden provides the best available knowledge as well as support and guidance in your professional role. 

  • The purpose of Kunskapsguiden is to facilitate knowledge management, knowledge sharing and knowledge attainment, and to encourage staff at all levels to use the most current knowledge and the best methods and models.
Who is responsible for Kunskapsguiden.se?


Kunskapsguiden is published by the National Board of Health and Welfare  in collaboration with:

  • The Medical Products Agency
  • The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment, SBU
  • The Swedish National Institute of Public Health
  • Swedish Association or Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR
  • The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV

Kunskapsguiden (www.kunskapsguiden.se, opens in a new window)