Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


Sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)

Sickness benefit, parental benefit and temporary parental benefit – all benefits based on the sickness benefit qualifying income.

What is sickness benefit qualifying income?

The sickness benefit qualifying income is used, for example, to calculate the level of sickness benefit, and is established by Försäkringskassan based on an estimated annual work income.

Försäkringskassan confirms the sickness benefit qualifying income based on the estimated annual earnings. When a person no longer has income from work, the main rule is that the sickness benefit qualifying income no longer applies.

SGI protection

There are situations where those who are not working can keep their sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI). This is called SGI protection and applies, for example, in the event of unemployment, provided you are registered as a job seeker with the Public Employment Service and are actively looking for work.