Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


Rehabilitation compensation


Those participating in occupational rehabilitation may be entitled to rehabilitation allowance.  In such cases, the rehabilitation must be part of a rehabilitation plan that those registered as sick have prepared together with Försäkringskassan. Those registered as sick may receive rehabilitation allowance if, for example, he or she is involved in work training over a period, is participating in an occupational rehabilitation programme or is participating in a study programme for a maximum of one year. Rehabilitation allowance comprises rehabilitation benefit and a special allowance.

What is rehabilitation benefit?

Rehabilitation benefit compensates loss of income arising from taking part in occupational rehabilitation. It is equal in amount to the sickness benefit and can be paid out in one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters or all of the maximum amount. If those who have been granted rehabilitation benefit receive some form of financial support during a study programme, it reduces the rehabilitation benefit in the same amount.

What is special allowance?

The special allowance should cover certain costs that arise in connection with the rehabilitation. One can, for example, receive compensation for travel and per diem if it is necessary to stay in a different city or town to be able to participate in the rehabilitation. One can also receive compensation for study resources and course fees. The special allowance is only paid out if the costs cannot be reimbursed in another way, such as through the employer or some other form of insurance.

Sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)

Sickness benefit, parental benefit and temporary parental benefit – all benefits based on the sickness benefit qualifying income.

What is sickness benefit qualifying income?

Försäkringskassan confirms the sickness benefit qualifying income based on the estimated annual earnings. When a person no longer has income from work, the main rule is that the sickness benefit qualifying income no longer applies.

What is SGI protection?

There are situations where those who are not working can keep their sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI). This is called SGI protection and applies, for example, if you are registered as a job seeker with the Public Employment Service and are actively looking for work.