Webbinnehållsvisning (JSR 286)


High-risk protection

High-risk protection applies to those who are sick many times during one year or risk becoming ill for several extended periods. Different rules apply for general high-risk protection and special high-risk protection. 

What is general high-risk protection?

You can receive general high-risk protection if you have been sick more than ten times during a twelve month period. This means that you do not have any waiting period and instead can receive sickness benefit or sick pay from the first day in a sickness period. The general high-risk protection applies regardless of the cause of the sickness absence.

Unemployed people receive sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan and employed people receive sick pay from their employer. The general high-risk protection applies to each employer individually. This means that the number of cases of illness at different employers should not be added together.

What is special high-risk protection?

Special high-risk protection can be obtained by those who have a medically well-documented illness or disability that means they will probably be absent from work at least ten times per year. In this case, you do not have a waiting period and can receive sick pay from the very first day of the sickness period.

Special high-risk protection may also apply if there is a risk that someone must be absent from work for one or more long periods of illness (at least 28 days in a row) over the course of a year. In such cases, there is still a waiting period.

A third situation is in preparation for and in the event of procedures in conjunction with the donation or organs or tissues.

A fourth situation applies to young people between 19 and 29 who have previously been in receipt of activity compensation or have been judged to have the right to such compensation, with the aim being to make it easier for them to enter the labour market.

Unemployed people can also apply for special high-risk protection and then receive sickness benefit from the very first day of the sickness period.