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Help to log in

To be able to use the e-services for employers, your company must be connected to Försäkringskassan’s e-services. Anyone wishing to log in must first be granted user access rights. The access rights are granted by your employer.

1. Employer applying to connect to the e-services
When connecting to e-services, the employer must register one person as access rights administrator.
Connect the company and register an access rights administrator

2. The access rights administrator logs in using an electronic ID
The person authorised by the employer logs in with their personal electronic ID.

3. The access rights administrator can register additional authorised users
The access rights administrator can give additional employees of the company access rights to the e-services.

If you cannot log in even though your company is connected to the e-services, contact the access rights administrator of your company. They can register you as an authorised user.

About e-services for employers

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Start using Tandvårdsportalen

To be able to log in and use the e-services for dental care, you must be connected to Försäkringskassan’s electronic system and have an electronic ID.

1. Connect to Försäkringskassan's electronic system

2. Obtain an electronic ID

About Tandvårdsportalen

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Technical requirements for using Tandvårdsportalen