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Call the Customer Centre

Call the Customer Centre for information, help in your case and help in using My pages (Mina sidor).

Phone number 

+46 771-524 524

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 08:0016:00
Saturday-Sunday: closed   
Public holidays: closed

1 January closed (New Year’s Day)
6 January closed (Epiphany)
9 April open 08.00–12.00 (Maundy Thursday)
10 April closed (Good Friday)
13 April closed (Easter Monday)
30 April open 09.00–12.00 (Walpurgis Eve)
1 May closed (May Day)
21 May closed (Ascension Day)
19 June closed (Midsummer Eve)
30 October open 08.00–12.00 (All Hallows' Eve)
24 December closed (Christmas Eve)
25 December closed (Christmas Day)
31 December closed (New Year’s Eve).


Frequently asked questions

  • Information about your case
  • Some administration
  • Fill in forms
  • Information on national insurance
  • Help in using our e-services

When you call, you will be asked to describe what your question regards. Say the name of the compensation you are seeking or the matter you want help with. For example, “payment of parental benefit”, “I am sick” or “I want to apply for housing allowance”. You can speak as normal, but bear in mind that loud background noise could cause problems. You will always be connected to an administrator, even if the IVR system did not exactly understand what you wanted.

Yes. If you call during the day on a weekday and there is a queue, you will be asked whether you would like us to call you back instead. You will not lose your place in the queue. When the administrator calls you, our number will be hidden.

The cost to call us varies depending on which provider you use to call us. 

Yes, you can fax us at 010-11 53 205. Staff is on hand to receive faxes weekdays 8:00-16:00.

If you are self-employed and have questions about your own insurance cover, such as parental benefit, benefit for care of a sick child or sickness benefit, you can receive assistance from an administrator well versed in such issues.

Call the Customer Centre for partners at 0771-17 90 00 and say that you are self-employed so that the IVR system directs you to the right place.

Yes, you can. 


Teletal is a free and personal service for individuals with a disability. Through the service, an interpreter who can assist with speech that is difficult to understand provides interpretation services or support in the form of clarification, memory cues or notation assistance during a phone call. The call is carried out in the form of a conference call using a regular phone. Use Teletal.


If you have a videophone, you can use it to contact Försäkringskassan.
3G: 020 00 33
ISDN: 020-28 00 10

Text telephone

If you want to use a relay service for text telephony, contact Försäkringskassan via the number 020-600 600.


It is easiest to get through right in the morning. At that time, there is hardly any queue.  You are always informed about the estimated waiting time when you call.

Call +46 771 524 524.

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Call the Customer Centre