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Ask us on social media

We are on Facebook to answer questions about parental insurance and housing allowance. You can ask questions about health insurance in our customer forum. We also provide tips on job vacancies and new e-services, and talk about current issues in social insurance on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Ask us on Facebook

The Customer Centre is on Facebook to answer questions about parental insurance and housing allowance.

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What questions do we answer?

We respond to questions and comments, but cannot handle individual matters on Facebook. If you have any personal questions or questions about your case, please call our Customer Centre.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 8:00 - 16:00

Who can see what I write on your Facebook page?

Anything written on our Facebook page becomes public record. Never give out private information, such as your account number or personal ID number. If you like our page or make a post, this will become visible to your Facebook friends.

If you choose to like the page, you agree to our posts being made visible in your own feed. You can at any time choose to stop liking the page or hide individual posts or all posts we make.


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Ask us on the customer forum

On Försäkringskassan's customer forum, you can ask general questions about health insurance and get answers from an administrator.

Customer forum

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Instructional videos, seminars and promotional videos can be found here.

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Press news is published weekdays 8:00-16:30.

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