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Call the Customer Centre for Partners

The phone number for information about the Customer Centre for partners can be found here.

Phone number

0771-17 90 00

Opening hours of Customer Centre for partners

Monday–Friday: 08:00–16:00   
Saturday–Sunday: closed
Public holidays: closed

Opening hours of Customer Centre for partners abroad

Monday–Friday: 08:00–16:00
Saturday–Sunday: closed 
Public holidays: closed 

1 January closed (New Year’s Day)
6 January closed (Epiphany)
9 April open 08.00–12.00 (Maundy Thursday)
10 April closed (Good Friday)
13 April closed (Easter Monday)
30 April open 09.00–12.00 (Walpurgis Eve)
1 May closed (May Day)
21 May closed (Ascension Day)
19 June closed (Midsummer Eve)
30 October open 08.00–12.00 (All Hallows' Eve)
24 December closed (Christmas Eve)
25 December closed (Christmas Day)
31 December closed (New Year’s Eve).


Take the following steps to come in contact with the right administrator

  1. Call 0771-17 90 00
  2. Indicate what type of partner you are. Examples include “employer”, “dental care”, “medical care”, “insurance company”, “Public Employment Service”, “self-employed” or “municipality”.
  3. You will be connected to the right administrator.

You can speak as normal, but bear in mind that loud background noise could cause problems. You will always be connected to an administrator, even if the IVR system did not exactly understand what you wanted.

Call the Customer Centre for Partners