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If you are not satisfied with the decision

You can read about what you can do if you are not satisfied and want to request a reconsideration, have waited a long time for a decision and about the possibility of claiming damages.

Here you can read about what to do if you

  • have received a notification prior to a decision and would like to submit a statement
  • have received a decision that you are not satisfied with and want to request a reconsideration
  • want to appeal against a decision on reconsideration.

Submit a statement before a decision

If you have received a message that Försäkringskassan will make a decision, you can contact us if you want to submit a statement or more information before the decision. The message instructs how to do that. As a rule, you should call or send a letter directly to your administrator.

Follow the instructions in the message so that your feedback can be taken care of in a timely manner.


If you are not satisfied with Försäkringskassan's decision, you can request that we reconsider the decision. Reconsideration means that you submit your statements, and we then re-examine the case. We look at all information already gathered in relation to the case, along with any new documentation.

If you want to request a reconsideration

We must receive your request within two months after you received the decision. Use the Request — Reconsideration of decision form to request a reconsideration.

7024 Request reconsideration of decision (in Swedish)PDF

However, you cannot use the form to appeal against a decision.

If you are unable to print the form, you can phone 0771-524 524 and request that we send it to you. Send the form to this address:

FE 179
831 88 Östersund


If you care unable to use the form, send a letter to Försäkringskassan instead. We must receive your request within two months from the day when you received the decision.

Write which decision you want changed and in what way you want it changed. Also provide your name, personal identity number, address and phone number. Send the letter to

FE 179
831 88 Östersund


If you hire a representative for your request for a reconsideration, the representative must have a power of attorney. Use this form.

5607 Power of attorney for representative (in Swedish)PDF

When can I receive a decision in my reconsideration case?

Our goal is for you to get your reconsideration decision within six weeks, but it may take longer if we need to conduct a more comprehensive investigation of your case.

During the second half of 2020, we have longer processing times for compensations related to housing allowances, additional cost allowance, child carer’s allowance and occupational injuries. The reason for this is that there are more people than before who are asking for a reconsideration of their decision.


If it has been more than six months since you requested a reconsideration, you can write to Försäkringskassan and demand that we make a decision on reconsideration. After that we have four weeks to make a decision.

If we have all the information we need, we will make a decision on reconsideration of your case.

If we do not have all the information we need, we will make a decision that it is not possible to decide on a reconsideration of your case.

If you are going to appeal your decision on reconsideration

If you are dissatisfied with Försäkringskassan's reconsideration decision, you can appeal it to the administrative court.

Here is how to appeal our reconsideration decision

  1. Write a letter indicating which decision it concerns, how you want the decision changed and why. Be sure to include your name, personal identity number, address and phone number.
  2. Send your appeal to the reconsideration unit at the address stated on the reconsideration decision.

The appeal must have been received within two months of the day when you received the reconsideration decision.

If you hire an agent to represent you, you must also include the representative’s name, address and phone number. The court will then decide whether a power of attorney (authorisation) is required and whether it must be submitted as an original copy.

More information on how to appeal against Försäkringskassan’s decision can be found on the Swedish Courts

Appeal against government decision (domstol.se)external link, opens in new window

About damages

The Chancellor of Justice has given Försäkringskassan the opportunity to choose to regulate certain claims for damages brought against the State. The idea behind it is to relieve the courts of hearing cases where there is really no dispute, but where it is clear that Försäkringskassan made a tort error and the applicant is therefore entitled to certain compensation.

If you believe that Försäkringskassan has caused you damage, there is therefore an opportunity to claim damages in writing from Försäkringskassan. It is important that you describe

  • in what way you think that Försäkringskassan has made a mistake or has been negligent
  • when it happened
  • what compensation it pertains to
  • what damage this error has caused you

Also provide your name, personal identity number, address and other contact information.
Send your letter to:

Legal department
103 51 Stockholm

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