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Beräkna kostnader för sjukfrånvaro

Calculate sickness absence costs for your company here.

Good to know

With the program, you can:

  • calculate the hourly cost of attendance and sickness absence
  • work out the total costs of sickness absence at your workplace
  • make estimates of what the sickness absence costs

Unfortunately, Försäkringskassan is not able to provide support for the calculation program.

The program calculates the variable costs in the form of sick pay, payroll taxes and holiday compensation per hour, and also adds an amount to cover fixed overhead costs (OH), i.e. premises, machinery, etc.

Payroll taxes, OH costs and holiday compensation are pre-filled, but you can change the basic settings to suit your needs.

Sick pay

The program calculates the hourly wage by dividing the annual salary entered by 1,880 hours.

Your cost for days 15–90 may vary depending on which agreement applies. The applicable collective agreement determines which percentage you should choose.

Sickness benefit

Sickness benefit is calculated per calendar day. The sickness benefit qualifying income is calculated by multiplying the annual salary by 0.97 and then dividing by 365 days. Sickness benefit corresponds to 80 per cent of the calculated figure.

Sickness benefit qualifying income is limited to 7.5 times the base amount that applies at the start of the year. For 2019, the base amount is SEK 46,500 and the upper limit is SEK 372,000. There is also a lower limit of 24 per cent of the base amount. For 2019, the lower limit is SEK 11,100.

This means that the program does not calculate using amounts over SEK 372,000 or under SEK 11,100.

Total cost calculation

The program can calculate the company’s annual cost for staff sickness absence if you enter the total number of sickness absence hours within the respective time period.


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