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About social insurance (Om socialförsäkringen)

In brief about social insurance (for those who have recently arrived in Sweden)

If you live or work in Sweden, you are covered by Swedish social insurance. This means that you, for example, only have to pay a set fee when you visit the doctor or are in hospital. It also means that you may be entitled to various benefits from the state. This is especially the case when you are old, when you have children and if you cannot work as usual because you are ill or have a disability.

Social insurance aims to provide financial security at every stage of life.

Försäkringskassan’s role is to administer social insurance and to ensure that you get the benefits and allowances you are entitled to.

Register with Försäkringskassan

You need to be registered with Försäkringskassan in order to claim your benefits and allowances. Use the form below to register.

5456 english Information for registration (pdf 54 kB, opens new window)

Examples of benefits

Examples of residence-based benefits are child allowance [barnbidrag] and housing allowance [bostadsbidrag]. If you work in Sweden, you are insured for employment-based benefits, which include sickness benefit [sjukpenning] and rehabilitation allowance [rehabiliteringsersättning].

The social insurance is a source of security for most people. At present, you may be unaware of when or how you come into contact with it. However, it may be useful to know that it exists, at whatever stage of your life you are.

More information

About Social Insurance (Om socialförsäkringen) (pdf 100 kB, opens new window)